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WELL WELL WELL. Look what we have here. A Crazy has sent us a little pack of 'loading screens'. How cute. *Bursts into maniacal laughter...


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WELL WELL WELL. Look what we have here. A Crazy has sent us a little pack of 'loading screens'. How cute. *Bursts into maniacal laughter, carrying on for several minutes until he passes out. Several hours later, he comes to at his computer and resumes typing this review.*

This map will replace your splash screen (The screen that comes up at very start of the game and says 'JEDI KNIGHT JEDI ACADEMY' and contains all the copywrite jargon.), as well as your good ol' unknown map loading screens. The splash screen looks good, though unfortunately to a VERY HIGHLY TRAINED professional like me, I have some qualms.

- The planet looks kind of flat. - The stars and general space are black and white. Add some color to the vastness of space! - You never asked me to help you, even though I showed you my past work with space scenes. FOR SHAME, CRAZY, for shame. - The Font that says 'Jedi Academy' is too funky for me.

MOVING ON, we have the loading screens. Much of the same qualms apply.

- Black and white space Blegh. So bland. - Funky font.

Well, that wraps this review up. Tune in next time for another exciting episode in the adventures of Reviewer-Man!


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Download '' (2.13MB)


		-VERSION 1.0-

Title:		Space Loading Screens

Author:	The Crazy Assassin

File Size:	2,180kb (about 2.12MB)

This mod replaced the three loading screens with space-themed ones. Each one is slightly different.

=Credits/Thanks to=
Me, me, and, of course, me.

Each image was made by me using Photoshop 7, and is copywrite me, 2008.
If you wish to use the artwork in this mod with your own mods, please contact me first.


Place the file called SpaceScreens.pk3 in the folder called base, found in the gamedata folder. If you installed to the default directory, your gamedata folder can be found in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, but if you did not install to the
	default directory, then you gamedata folder will be found where ever you installed the game to.

To uninstall, simply delete the pk3.

=This modifacation was not made, supported, or distributed by LucasArts,=
=Ravensoft, Activision, or any other company involved or not involved in=
=making Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.					=

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