Space Racing

space_racing.zip —


by spectators as you race around the track!Want proof of how fun such a sport would be? Download this map and have a go yourself! This is a CTF themed and challenging race track, apparently floating in space, where you race around on your swoops trying to be the first to reach the opposing teams flag at the end of the track. One thing I should point out is that you will need someone to start the race; you need to line up in the starting boxes in your swoops and then have the race starter use the consoles over to one side so start the race and lower the barrier. If you should be unlucky enough to fall (or be pushed off) the side, into oblivion, you will respawn on the gun platforms where you take vengeance on the enemy team using turrets or sniper rifles, just try not to hit your own team! Lets hope you are a better shot than those Tusken Raiders in Episode 1!I also love the music, some strange but cool 80's style tunes in there. Not what I would pick for a racing track myself, but I think they do kinda go with the map well! As for improvement, well there were a couple of missing textures (apparently they got missed out of the .pk3), such as on the starting gate, but nothing really noticeable.All in all a really fun map here, I dont think I have seen a racing style CTF map before but I would definitely like to see more of them now!New Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: YesBot Routes: NoGame Types: FFA, CTF~Nozyspy~


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