Spawn Child

This is a very hard skin to review because it's so totally average. It's a reskin, however not a reborn reskin, which is good, but its not t...


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File Description

This is a very hard skin to review because it's so totally average. It's a reskin, however not a reborn reskin, which is good, but its not that artistic and is kind of boring to play with. Not that I've ever seen the actual Spawn character from wherever, but this reskin of cultist is just, well, a reskin :) The head is covered with either black, white and red facepaint, or thats suppossed to be his skin. I can't really tell.

Spawn has some very long ladylike boots with red baggy trousers, and a grey-jacket typed thing with some wierd-looking armbands. The texture work is alright, but nothing exciting or spectacular, and I really can't compare it to the actual spawn child as I have no idea what he looks like. So I guess you'll really have to judge this file for yourself. Like it or not, your choice ;) I can comment on the pleasing fact that there are both red and blue teamskins, however no new sounds nor bot support which is a shame. The team skins are basic really, just simple colour changes in the clothes and eyes. Nothing spectacular here, but nothing shameful either.

New Sounds: No Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy: Spawn Child skin.

Author: SacRe


Comments: This was my first skin creation. Wish I knew more about modeling then I would have done ALOT more, maybe in the furture you'll see an actual Spawn instead of my own cheesey concept.

Skin Information

 This is a reskin of the normal Cultist in Jedi Academy.
 Bot support: No
 Team Colors: Yes
 New sounds: No (But a suiting premade voice) 

Installation Information

 Extract Spawn Child (spawn_child_cultist.pk3) into your Jedi Academy base folder- C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base (This may vary depending on game installation).

 Uninstallation is just as simple, Delete spawn_child_cultist.pk3 from your base folder.

 This Skin is dedicated to all Todd Mcfarelane's Spawn fans out there, and also an example of what you can do if you're bored enough(those of us that have that option) and with the least ammount of expirence. 


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