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Ya know... I thought that the whole Spiderman craze was over. I thought that the submissions here would be done. But, of course, as soon as...


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Ya know... I thought that the whole Spiderman craze was over. I thought that the submissions here would be done. But, of course, as soon as I start thinking that, someone has to go and release a Spiderman skin pack. Of course, I don't mean to make it sound as if I am upset over this submission. :p

The default skin is Spiderman as you would expect: In his red and blue suit. I had only two concerns with this skin. First, the lines don't match up at the seams in a lot of places, and second, the skin seemed too bright. Other than that, nicely done.

The blue team skin is none other than the Venom version of Spiderman, called Symbiote in this pack. From a distance, the dark part looks paintbucketed, but up close, you can see the texture on it, which is the same base texture of the default skin, minus the colors and lines. I have no real problems with this skin other than the obvious one of Vemon not being that small.

I am not completely sure what the red team skin is from, as I am not so completely deep into the Spiderman storyline that I know every single appearance that is made. After a brief search, however, I found that it is supposed to be Ben Reilly, aka Scarlet Spider. Had I paid enough attention to the readme, I would have seen that. :p The skin is good enough, though it lacks a hood that the original character appears to have had. The texture on it, as well, could use some work, as at first I thought it was a sweater, not a jacket, like the character actually wears. As for the logo, while it is a spider one, it's shape isn't the same as the ones I have seen in pictures of Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider. The clothes seem to be a bit bright as well, but I am sure that most would overlook that.

The next skin in the pack would be the skin labeled 2099. The texturing on this one seems decent, but again, I thought that the skin could use a little darkening. The face texture is a little off, but not enough to really bug those who aren't extremely picky about this form. It is missing the spikes on the forearms, but that is a model problem, not a skinning one.

The 'armor' skin in this pack is what appears to be a desaturated form of the default Spiderman skin. Nothing to say about that one, really.

Next up is another form of Ben Reilly's suit. This one is like the original Spiderman suit, but has a different logo on it, and has completely blue arms and legs instead. The skin fits the character quite well, I thought. I had no real issues with this one, not even with brightness.

And now for the Spiderman 3 Venom. This is the default Spiderman skin, the blue turned black, with the red turned gray. It fits the movie's version well. There's really not more to say about it than that.

The next skin is called 'Stark'. From what I have read, this suit was made for Peter by Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. That would explain the colors, orange-red and yellow. The skin matches the character well enough, of course, but the yellow on the arms seem to go a bit further than they should, and the yellow on the legs seem to not go quite far enough. And, as with other skins, this one seems a bit too bright.

The final skin is the Unlimited Spiderman. As with the other skins, everything seems to be in the correct places, and done well enough. However, I thought that the logo on the chest could use some work. Something about it seems a bit off, but I can't place my finger on it. Also, the skin could be a bit darker. From what I remember, this suit was a bit of a darker-than-normal one to begin with. I'm not entirely sure if my memory is just playing tricks on me or not, but I seem to remember there being a slightly purple tint to the blue in this skin as well...

Each skin is done well enough, but most had a slight issue with the logos on them, usually that the legs on them didn't tilt in just the right direction. That isn't a huge change, but sometimes the smallest changes could be the most important ones. Most of the skins did not seem to have very well defined muscles, like I had found in most of the images I looked up for references. This is an important one, if you ask me. Finally, again, a lot of them could use a little darkening... This pack also has bot support and new sounds, though it lacks NPC and SP support, which I found a little disappointing, since they are things that are rather quick and easy to do for someone who is willing to put so much into a pack like this.

Overall, not a bad pack. Not the highest quality skins I have seen around here, but far from the worst. If you can overlook this pack's few flaws, then give it a download.


Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download 'spidermen.zip' (4.51MB)

Title: Spiderman skin pack
author: yodaman123
email:[email protected]
file name: spidermen.pk3

bot support:yes
team support:yes (symbiote and scarlett)

Since there are so many differnt Spiderman varients I decided to make them for jedi academy! I will release a V2 with any varients I missed (post the varient in the comments). I got the sounds from the 90's cartoon. I used a specular map to make the webs look shiney.
Here are 9 skins total:
Tony Stark armor
metal armor
Spiderman 3 symbiote
Ben Reilly
Now they might not be the best but you still know its Spiderman.

Thanks to ksk_h2o for making the grayfox model.
Also thanks to Lightsource for letting me use the shader applied to the webs on the default and Spiderman 3 version.
Also a thanks to LordNosferatuAlucard for being my beta tester.
You can use my skins in any way just please email me before you do so.


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