"Who doesn't love the Simpsons?" Well, I can't say I don't, and I have always thought the idea of making Springfield was a fantastic one - I...


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"Who doesn't love the Simpsons?" Well, I can't say I don't, and I have always thought the idea of making Springfield was a fantastic one - I even contemplated making it myself a while back, before deciding it was too big a job for me to do to a decent standard. That unfortunately, also seems to be the problem this author has had; whilst some areas, like Moe's tavern and the Quik-E-Mart bear huge resemblance to the series, you can tell much less effort has been put into some of the other areas, almost as if they were quickly slapped on afterward, most noticeably the grassy outdoor area and the church, which was much too small.

However much as I feel I should criticise the textures used, I'm going to hold my tongue here on the basis that it's supposed to look like this, cartoony. It's not perfect, and some textures still look sloppy, even by cartoon standards, and these shortcomings are amplified tenfold by the lighting setup. I don't know whether a giant ambient light was added, but it sure looks like it - I didn't see shadows anywhere, or any brighter or darker spots. Come on, even in cartoons there is lighting! Oh yes, I almost forgot. The music is not a particularly good choice to go with someone playing a game - okay for the introduction on the TV show, but the conversion of songs in the background track are just very off putting.

Despite my intense dislike of the skybox used, due to it's over-exaggerated scale compared to the rest of the level (You need more sky, less building height.) I did like the overall feel of the map - it does look like Springfield. Except for the giant drop-offs at the edges of the level, those are ugly. And the 'park' section's pretty bad as well, save for the statue, which is actually quite well modelled if it was done in radiant! In conclusion, this will definitely be a hit with any Simpsons fans, and for others if you can look past some of the shabbier sections and slightly low framerate :) Oh yeah, there's bot support as well, for which I must give a big :thumbsup: to the author!

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'springfield.zip' (18.24MB)

JEDI KNIGHT III: Jedi Acadamy Springfield

Title				: Springfield
Author				: Nick Aikenhead(aka Kahn)
E-Mail				: [email protected]
Website				: http://www.geocites.com/nso_sithkahn

File Name			: springfield.pk3
File Size			: 19,294 KB
Date Released			: 12/09/05

Game Type			: FFA,POWER DUEL
New Textures			: YES
New Models			: YES
New Music			: YES
Bot Route			: YES
Bugs				: NO

Installation:			: Put the springfield.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description/File Info		: 

	 Well, this is a few building from the show The Simpson’s. First is Moe's tavern! This map has everything, the bar, pool table, booths to eat at, the "love" Machine, and lots more. There even the Flaming Moe! I also added Moe's office in this version of Moe's Tavern. Second is the Kwik-E-Mart. I have added shelf’s full of different products you have seen in the episodes, the main counter, arcade games, and can’t forget about the squishy machine! Third building is Krusty Burger. There are benches to eat around the edge of the building, and has a place to order your food. in the area to make the food, there is a grill and fry fryer. I also added a camera so u can see when someone pulls up to the drive threw. Forth building is the church. I have benches all in to sit and pray, the main altar, but I also added the room for Sunday school and Rev. Lovejoy's office. The last building is the NoiceLand Arcade. This place is packed full of arcade games seen in many episodes, pool table, air hockey and popcorn! I have also added a huge park where Jebediah Springfield's statue is located for duels and FFA's. I have also put about 7 songs together for the background music. All the music has been in an episode and I think you should know them all (maybe not the last one, its the newest). 

Comments			:  

	After releasing Moe’s Tavern, I saw many people wanted more of Springfield, so, here it is. I have made all textures from extracting colours from pictures of Springfield. So all textures are mine. There are no error's that I know of and one of the best FPS I have one any of my maps. Hope you all like it.

Credits				: 

	The main blue prints from Matt Groening. I have to thank all the people who helped me beta this map: SoulBurn, Neo, Mongo, Buffy, Immenor, Shadow Knight. (I hope that is all...). Also, another thanks to Mongo for making the Jebediah statue for me. Thank you all. With out you all, I wouldn’t of got everything how it is.


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