The first thing you will notice is that this is the Rosh model, the face gave it away for me. There is some Squall-iness here, I mean the style and color of the clothes reminds you of him but beyond a reminder I'm afraid this skin doesn't go any further. There is too little detail to be able to pull it off as being Squall, it's the usual dark skin to hide it all idea that JA seems to be plagued with.

I'm confused as to what the 2 red things are on his stomach, I can't work them out at all, what are they?

So to sum up, I won't say it's bad, but I won't say it's Squall either.

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Squall Skin (German/Deutsch)

Das is mein erster Skin seit ca. 2 Jahren.Ich finde ihn bis auf den Kopf ganz gut.
Der Kopf sieht auch nur deshalb so "Un-Squallig" aus,weil es einfach nichts ähnliches gibt (oder ich nichts gefunden  habe).Der Skin bassiert auf Rosh aus JK3,ich hoffe der Skin ist trotzdem halbwegs aktzeptabel :)

Skin erstellt von SuiZid

Zum Benutzen einfach in den "Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy/Game Data/Base" Ordner stecken.

Geht auf www.super-suizid.de.vu :)

Squall Skin (English/Englisch)

This is my first since a long time.The last time I made one,was about 2 years ago.
In my oppinion it's not bad,except the head that looks like shit.But thats not my fault,he looks that "no-squall-like" cuz I just didn't found a model or skin with similair hair to squall.So i took Rosh Penin form Jedi Knight 3,and I hope the skin doesn't looks like shit in your eyes :)

Skin by SuiZid

To use,put it in the "Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy/Game Data/Base" folder.

Visit www.super-suizid.de.vu :)


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