This is a re-skin of the Quinlan Vos model by Aaron Smith. Quinlan Vos has become SS Vos, a black-wrapped Jedi with two rave-fest counterpar...


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This is a re-skin of the Quinlan Vos model by Aaron Smith. Quinlan Vos has become SS Vos, a black-wrapped Jedi with two rave-fest counterparts in red and blue. There's also two "secret" skins available, /Shadow and /Shadow_Robed.

Now, secret skins are all like mysterious and secret and stuff (hence the moniker, doh! ;) ), but there's a better way to do this. I first became a fanatic about this after using Plasma's various skins (Go check out his fantastic work!), where the team colors were so unique that they made good stand alone skins. Because of this, I'm gonna whip up a little tutorial here:

Tools needed: 1. Notepad or WordPad, whichever you prefer. I use WordPad because of its Find and Replace features. 2. Your graphics program to make any icons not previously made (for secret skins). 3. Your brain for some common sense and a little attention to recognize shortcuts (e.g. Read the tutorial through before using it). 4. Patience to do it until it's right, also necessary for any other job in life.

Introduction: Since this is a tutorial, we'll need an example file. We'll use one of my more recent skins, a re-skin of the in-game JK2 Reborn model for my good mate and long-time bud, [TMBJ]Havok. If you download the file and open the *.pk3, you'll notice that there are four (4) separate folders in the "modelsplayers" directory, yet only the "havok" subfolder has graphics in it (icons disregarded). Most skin packs that use the same model will have the same textures needlessly duplicated in each skin subfolder; this is where following Plasma's lead saves time and precious file size. I'm going to break this down into numbered steps, to make it a bit easier. What we're going to do is take the red and blue team skins and the "secret" gray skin and make them not so secret and available from the main menu in JK2/JA:MP. This generally takes me about 2-3 minutes, and makes the skin much more professional (and the secret/team skins get used more than just in CTFs/TFFAs or by the 0.00001% that actually read the readmes. ;) ).

Steps: 1. Go to the main skin file directory, "modelsplayers". In our case it's "modelsplayershavok". 2. Copy the following files (these are the base files needed for the model to appear and sounds to work):

a. animsounds.cfg b. sounds.cfg c. model.glm
3. Return a level in the directory to "modelsplayers", and create a new folder. I'm going to start with the blue skin, so it'll be named "havok_blue". 4. Paste the three files from step 2 into the new folder, "modelsplayershavok_blue". 5. Go back to the main skin subfolder, "modelsplayershavok", and copy the blue skin script(and the blue surface script if it exists) and the blue icon graphic:
a. b. c. icon_blue.jpg
6. Paste the three files from step 5 into the new folder, "modelsplayershavok_blue". 7. Rename each of the copied files from "blue" to "default".
a. --> b. --> c. icon_blue.jpg --> icon_default.jpg
8. Voila! That's all you have to do! Since the blue skin is a team color, I'll run through the red skin more rapidly. 9. There's several ways of doing this now:
a. Repeat steps 1-7 for the red skin, substituting the 3 blue skin files for the corresponding 3 red skin files and the blue folder for a new red one:
i. instead of ii. instead of iii. icon_red.jpg instead of icon_blue.jpg iv. "havok_red" subfolder instead of "havok_blue" subfolder
b. Copy-paste the "havok_blue" subfolder in the same directory, "modelsplayers", and rename it, then delete the three blue skin files and skip steps 1-4:
i. Copy of havok_blue --> havok_red
c. After performing step 4 the first time, copy-paste that folder in the same directory and rename it for each additional skin, thus removing the need to perform steps 1-4 from the work queue. :D Now start with step 5 for each skin (Thinking outside of the box and looking ahead! Wootini!).
10. Now because the gray skin is a secret skin, it's going to be much more difficult. Not. Same thing as step 9, using the gray skin files instead of red or blue. 11. It took me 30 minutes to write this tutorial; I only needed 5 to do the work. It's not hard or time-consuming. We didn't edit any files, only renamed them. Simple, yet effective. The main skin folder was 3.79 MB. By using this method, instead of quadrupling the file size, we only added an additional 1.29 MB for "three more" skins!

Make sure you check out the readme_jk2_havok.txt for more ideas and skinning tips/hints. :)

As I said in my review of the NinjaT skin, black is always in fashion. There's something inherently intriguing about dark gray tones. I also liked the team colors; they reminded me of the ravers (bright clothes and colored hair combined with the speckled pattern simulating neon/body paint) I've seen at clubs here in Houston. ;) On a side note, the file size for the sounds could be tweaked smaller by deleting the repeated death taunt, and clipping the first death taunt to a little past 1.5 seconds instead of the 5 seconds that's mostly silence. The taunt was alot of fun. If you add the secret skins to the menu, and fix the sound issues, this will easily be a 10/10. :)

Technical Data:

Pros: 1) Several skins. 2) All the necessities! Wootini!

Cons: 1) Oversized sounds.

Rating: 9/10

Bot Support: Yes. Team Colors: Yes. New Sounds: Yes.

JEDIofONE :mepimp:

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Download '' (656KB)

 Jedi Knight III Modification
  Skin's Name             : SS_vos
  Author                  : Shadow Stone
  Email Address           :
  Site                    :
  Clan Site               :
  Skin's description      : based on the model Quinlan vos model created by Aaron Smith
  * Construction *
  Known Bugs              : none


  Unzip the file "SS_Quigon.pk3" into the GameData/Base directory of wherever you installed Jedi Academy. 
  Then go into the game and select the skin from the Player Setup Menu.
type in console
/model ss_vos/shadow
/model ss_Vos/shadow_hooded
for another version of the skin 

The taunt for this skin is from the movie Dumb and Dumber, (Jim Carrey)
As well as when you die the skin will say "I'll be Back" from the movie the terminator
* Copyright / Permissions *

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