Well, here's a map which despite being simple, is still nice for an FFA. For those who liked the open style of Rome Arena, you should enjoy...


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Well, here's a map which despite being simple, is still nice for an FFA. For those who liked the open style of Rome Arena, you should enjoy this one too.

The first area, which you'll spawn in, is an open courtyard with an observer area above. You've got several levels running around it, with what I assume are bleachers. Two buttons around the edge, which spawn NPCs in the lower area - one spawns a small Rebel team with a Jedi, and a Stormtrooper team with a Dark Jedi of some kind (couldn't see clearly). If you're evil, you can disrupt their mini-battle if you press the other button to spawn Rover the Rancor, who then proceeds to turn our warring friends into Rancor kibble. Torture can be so much fun... }>

Anyway, you'll find a small gate which should give access to this lower area, but the two buttons next to it don't seem to work, for me anyway.

There are also two duel rooms nearby. The Desann NPC you can spawn in duel room 1 can be quite a tough cookie. (Final score - Desann 11, me 9.) Although it's definitely beatable with some degree of skill. Or god mode, take your pick. There are another two buttons inside this room which seemingly did nothing. Going through the door opposite the NPC room takes you into another, considerably cooler, duel room. Don't fall in the lava. :p Both rooms are basic in construction, but they serve their purposes well enough.

Now, onto the secret. I didn't find the way in, so don't ask - I noclipped. But, anyway, when you get in, there are three cameras, two of which I noticed were on a side. I don't blame the author for this one - multiple cameras hate me too. Hopefully someone else can offer a fix? Jumping into one of these cameras takes you to the relevant area - two more duel rooms, and the main courtyard. One of them is visible in the last screenshot, the other one made me lag considerably when I went in, so no screeny.

For negative points, I really didn't like the choice of music. It just doesn't seem to work with the map at all. The other beef I had was the skybox - it looks more suited for a desert than a stadium. There's no bot support either. The lighting is pretty bland, and far too dark in some places. Plus there's the non-working buttons, although they could be something to do with opening the secret area, I'm not sure.

On the whole, it's a basic map, but still a good option for FFAs or tournaments. And if you're a fan of open maps such as Rome Arena, this one should be right up your alley.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: No New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Secrets: Yes

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Download '' (6.75MB)

Stadium: a Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Map

Author : Shadow Knight
E-mail :
Web :

Mapname : Stadium (Console: /map stadium)
Filename :
Filesize : 6.927 mb (Before zipping)

Gametypes : Free For All, Team Free For All

Buildtime : I didn't really keep track... but a few months (Worked on it on and off)
Compiletime : Approx. 1 hour
Brushes : 1685
Entities : 131

Botsupport : No
Secret : yes
New textures : Yes
New effects : No
New models : No
New music : no
Description : A medium sized ffa map, with somewhat of a 'stadium' theme. A caged arena in the middle, seating around the sides, platform above... etc.
two duel rooms, and one secret containing four rooms.

Installation: put the .pk3 file into your 'JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base' folder

»Methos                     Beta testing
»Cras                       Beta testing
»Axia                       Beta testing


Bugs: Well, because multiple cameras don't seem to ilke me, two of the three cameras in this map are either on their side or upside down.

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