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Szico VII seemed to like version 4 of this mod:

This is a very cool mod It enales you to have a two-bladed lightsaber , or two, two-bladed lightsabers, instead on a single bladed lightsaber, or two single bladed lightsabers. Understand? Getting confusing yet? Anyway, basically it looks really cool and allows you to use styles only availabe for the sigle bladed lightsaber, such as 'strong' or 'fast' with a double bladed one. Like the author admits in the readme, the blade tends to go through your character when you swing it, and unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the textures/shaders on the custom hilts, so they dont show up like they should. Another nice touch is that you can still throw the lightsabers at your opponents, it it very good to see the double blade spinning around and slicing your mystified opponents apart. Apart from this though, everything looks polished, and it is also compatible for Single Player mode. Great Job, I look forward to the final version!

It seems that Szico VII was impressed by this mod, but he was still looking forward to the final version. I can't remember seeing the other previous versions of this mod, but it sounds like 6.0 might be the last update. But don't quote me on that. :) All that's been changed here is the standing stance for the staff and the texture problem. Oh, and the author says that the brokens staffs work now. So if you're a fan of this mod, get the latest version. :)




Jedi Academy Modification
Creator(s): <JS>Vouksh

Version       : 6.0
File Size      : 1.5MB
Filename      : Staff Converted.zip
Included Files: Staff converted.pk3, this readme.

By now, you're wondering, what is this?! Simple! It makes it so you can have a dual blade as a single saber. I mean WHO WOULDN'T???? You can also use this as a dual saber. THIS DOES NOT MODIFY THE ORIGINAL STAFFS!!!!!

Install the PK3 into the base directory like you would anything else.

TO USE: Go to Dual sabers and for saber one choose the Dual hiltname (like Dual Vanquisher) and do the same for the other saber. You should now see two staff sabers in the selection at the bottom. THIS DOES WORK IN SP!!!!

Note: There are some minor bugs in the mod: the saber blades clip through you. Can't help this unless miraculously I can create a whole new stances and swings for this. :)

1.1	When you use the staff in single mode, and you deactivate one end it acts like it has both ends on. FIXED.
2.0	In my other Version I realized it DID modify the original staffs, so I changed the names of the files and, BOOM, it was fixed. Amazing what you can do if you’re too bored huh??

3.0	This version fixes the issue of the 2 & 4 sabers dragging on the ground. But it makes it REALLY short. From 32 length to 24 length. Tell me what you think.

4.0	Ok this time I REALLY worked hard. I made it so it is COMPLETELY compatible with Single Player, with one exception. When you use saber throw it shuts down one side of the staff and you have to completely turn them off top get it back on.

5.0	I took out the SP compatibility. 1 reason: IT DIDN'T WORK TOO WELL! I also add a whole bunch of new hilts for ya so have fun!

6.0	Ok sorry for taking so long but my computer got addicted to cheap dope. “Snickers” I just got it running and was able to test this. This modifies the Staff stance but that’s it, the standing stance is it. I fixed the texture problem and the broken staffs should now work.

0>:) the horns are a holdin up da halo!

- <JS>Vouksh

We, of the Jedi Swordsmen, will SMITE you!!!!!!!!!

This mod is not supported by LucasArts or RavenGames. Staff Converted is a trademark of <JS>Vouksh. This mod may be used as a base for other mods with the consent of the original author.

Bloodattonment made the broken staffs

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