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Stained Glass Sabers

Weapon rating: * * ½ (out of four) — 6/10 Topaz has created a skin modification of the lightsaber blade that attempts to give it a staine...


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Weapon rating: * * ½ (out of four) — 6/10

Topaz has created a skin modification of the lightsaber blade that attempts to give it a stained glass effect. It's an interesting idea that adds a unique effect to your sabers and saber swings. It doesn't always seem to look like stained glass, but I think that the effect even if inaccurate still looks unique and well-done.

The problem with the mod is not in its technicalities, but in taste. It's creative, but the result isn't always beautiful and is sometimes even a bit tacky. When you're using a blade color that does not match with the stained glass color that you chose, the result is a blend, and the blend sometimes looked good and a few other times looked undesirably awkward.

It's really a matter of what you like and what you don't. The stained glass effect is nicely done, but it doesn't seem to really work when you put it on a lightsaber. I actually liked best when the blade color is blue, because it looks different from the others; the effect was toned down a bit to something more subtle. I liked green blade the least because the effect, I felt, was overdone here.

However, I still would like you to check out the screenshots so that you can see for yourself if you'll like this. The author did a good job no matter what you or I think, but it just doesn't come together.


Note to developer: Due to database errors and the existence of another developer (for Half-Life) named Topaz, I had to make your Developer nick/username be your email username; sorry for the inconvenience.

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Jedi Academy

Time Taken: a week and a half
Filename:SGS v1

A Description:A little something i'd thought you guys would like
 a bit better than my samurai sword, seeing as this is my better field.
  The Samurai Sword didnt have work put into it, and that was the first
   time i had done something like that:/

It just makes all the sabers look like stained glass,and the saber
- are made to look kinda bi-coloured.i dunno
-plus,I have included seprate PK3s so that u guys can choose what
  colour you want.

-the colors are:
My Email Is:strewn_biohazard@hotmail.com

Installation:Pop PK3 into base folder:o!!

Comments: If you dont like it, which i am fully prepared for, 
              email me ideas for version 2 and if i like them i'll
               use them.

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