Oh hey, look what we have here - a mod.

And now before us we have a mod called Stalax, however it's not like other mods out there that ha...


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Oh hey, look what we have here - a mod.

And now before us we have a mod called Stalax, however it's not like other mods out there that have closed coding base. This one is actually something else.... It's a coding engine. Stalax allows to code for JK3 in Lua which is simplier than C and brings almost unlimited posibilites. The author also states that he is working on a decent physics engine for JK3 that hopefully will be later added to Stalax.

Now let's move onto the content of the mod. What we have included is Stalax itself plus an example test map with example test scripts coded in Lua. They are quite interesting I must say.

The map itself is very simple and has repetitive textures but it's point is not to look awesome or anything, but to showcase how Stalax works. There are a few rooms in the map, each has a corridor with doors leading to it and inside the rooms there are examples of Lua coded scripts.

Time to describe each of the rooms.

The first room has a terminal that opens locked doors leading to the next room. So what's so special about it you may ask, well it's quite simple. The terminal requires password that you input in console, now that's special isn't it? To do so, we walk up to the terminal and press use button, it asks us for password and we go into console, then we need to write /input pass (It's not the actual pass, the actual one is told in the readme) and bang, the doors open.

In the next room we have another terminal that opens closed doors, but it has a subtle differenace compared to the previous one. To use this one, we walk up to it and press use, but this time it tell us to say the password instead of writing it, so how do we do it? We open chat by pressing default Y button, or any other you have set if you're not using default, and write the password in chat, then press enter. That way we open the doors to the next room with...

A teleporter terminal, that's what is inside of third room. It obviously can teleport us to selected places. We walk up to it, once again press use and then it shows us possible choices of where do we want to go. We go into chat, type the number of selected choice and press enter to use the teleporter.

If we chose option to teleport into next room, we would find ourselves in a room with... Luke Skywalker?! His job here is to work as a NPC that we can talk with. We walk up to him and, yep you guessed it, press use button. He asks us what do we want so we tell him to open the doors to the next room using the same method as with chat password terminal or teleporter. He asks us if we're sure about our decision and if we chose yes then we should be in the last room.

The last room has something quite interesting - Item grabbing. With this script, we can grab any pre-coded element just like in Half Life 2, very cool thing I must say. Well, we pick up a crate and put it on a pedestal on the other side of the room, that way doors open, showing us a corridor with another closed doors at the end.

Sadly this is where it ends for the example test map of what Stalax as Lua coding engine can do.

With this final line I'm only going to say that Stalax is a great mod to make mods and with proper usage we could see very interesting stuff come to life. If you're creative and know Lua, submit bandwith now. If you want to learn Lua, do the same since that way you will be able to learn faster.


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Download '' (3.25MB)

Stalax v1.0

Here's the readme about Stalax, it tells the more important things about the installation
and the modification's usage.

1 - Features

The mod's main feature is Lua Scripting, you can do everything you want on your own server.
And if you are a mapper, you can improve your maps' interactivity and make new features that
you have never seen.

There's a new bot system called AceBot, it has been ported into this mod and it's not stable
at the moment. It has some good possibilities, the bot can make his waypoints itself by 
finding some possible holes in the map, and when he finds an enemy, he goes forward to it,
not like the original Jedi Academy bots.

2 - To Do

A perfect physics engine could come soon, but not quickly. I will do my possible to make sure
that he would be perfect, since the Quake III Engine needs a better collision detection and
we could make more and more crazy stuff like vehicles, ropes,... maybe endless possibilities.

3 - Running the Demo

To run the demo, simply launch "Stalax Demo.bat", it will load Jedi Academy under Stalax with
the sta_tour map.

In this map you will see some scripts I made and commented for you :

  .. Password Terminal with the console - move near the terminal, make sure that you put your
     crosshair on it, open your console and type "/input" with your password.
     The good password is "goodpwd", I think you'll need it in order to go to the next level.

  .. Chat Password Terminal - more comfortable way, it's the same Password Terminal, but you
     just have to use it with your USE button, look at it, and say the password in the chat.
     Like if you want to say it to everyone but the message will be canceled so the players
     won't see it.

  .. Teleporter Terminal - a nice teleporter terminal with more choices, use it with your use
     button, look at it and type the number of your choice in the chat.

  .. NPC Conversation - now you can talk to NPCs and make them react with the things you tell
     them. Use Luke with your use button, and tell him to open the door by typing the number
     of the choice you want to make.

  .. Item Grabbing - Ha! Something like Portal, not perfect, but as always, the physics engine
     is still missing :-(. Grab the crate with the USE button, move near the blue button located
     right the door and drop it with the USE button again. If you remove it, the door will be

The mapsource of sta_tour is included into the maps folder.

That's it for the demo, I will add more and more examples in newer versions.
I hope you like them.

4 - Installing a script

I think the method to install a script is really the easiest.
Guess how ? Simply put the .lua script into the Stalax/lua/global folder.
The server will load it automatically.

If it's a script only for a map and if you want the server loads it only if the specific map is
loading, then create a folder into "lua", having the map's name. For example, if you want to
make a script only for t2_trip, create a folder named "t2_trip" into "lua" (Should look like
lua/t2_trip) and place your map's scripts into that folder.

If it's for a mp map like mp/ffa3, just do "lua/mp/ffa3" (ffa3 into the mp folder).

5 - Documentation

I'm sorry if the documentation is not really complete, there's a lot about the Entity and Client
commands, and I don't really have the time to finish it properly.

But I'm always ready to help you and give you more infos about commands right into the forums.

You can find the documentation there :

And the whole Stalax community there :

You will find a lot of scripts, tutorials and solved problems into the forums.
I hope you'll enjoy it.



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