Stance and Animation Modification

This animation mod has be at a loss. I really like half of it, and I really dislike the other half. The half I don't particularly like are...


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This animation mod has be at a loss. I really like half of it, and I really dislike the other half. The half I don't particularly like are the fast and medium saber stances. They just look so uncomfortable and unpleasant, and don't mesh as well with the combat animations as the new strong stance does. Strong stance looks like like the normal medium stance, but it has that "heavier" look about it. I like it much better than the default strong stance.

The real treat of this mod, though, is the blaster block animation, taken from one of the many katas. It looks really cool when you use it, and despite the fact that I don't like those other two stances I may keep it just for that. Whether or not you like the stances, however, is entirely a matter of opinion, so don't take my word for it - check it out yourself and see what you think.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Stance and Animation Modification.
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: Stances&Animations.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 15 November 2005

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the Stances&Animations.pk3 to your base folder.  Delete it/move out of base to remove the mod.

NOTE: Any other animation mod inside base folder may either A) be overwritten when game launches (you will only see new one) or B) Stop this modification from working.

This includes the JP animations MOD.  When I remember to contact them, I will make appropiate changes to their mod.  Or, I am giving them sole permission to add these stances/animations to their own mod pack should they want to.  Credit where its due and all that stuff :)  I've made some adjustments to the file in my base folder and they work fine along side the JP animation/moves mod.

DESCRIPTION: As the name would suggest, this is a small mod that changes the saber stances and a few tweaks to the ingame animations;

Blue, Yellow and Red Stance has been changed, each has its own animation when switching stances.  All walk forward animations for all saber types has been changed also.  The Duel and Staff saber walk always looked terrible to me and needed a change.

Quite a few other minor animation have also been adjusted;

When you drop off a ledge, you no longer assume the crouch position.
Some/most Taunt animations have been modified.

My personal favourite modification is the block blaster animations.

Now when someone shoots at you, you perform a neat swing of saber in front of yourself.  I was looking for something that reflects Anakin's 'arrogance' in combat here, I feel this has done it to the best of the available animations available in game, without actually creating any new ones.  (I don't know how to create new animaions)

BUGS: If you remain still when being shot at with saber up, it tends to stick in one position at times, moving slightly will fix this (even a crouch/stand) likelyness of not moving in a real battle are slim so not a problem really.

Sometimes, for reasons beyond me, you cannot throw the saber after a lot of blocking, again - crouching/moving seems to sort this out.  Unintended, but adds a bit of realism I feel since you cannot block and throw at same time can you? :)

COMMENTS: This isn't the first animation modification I've created for the Jedi Knight series, but I PROMISE (honestly jk files staff :p ) this will be my last.  In the past I've had many emails asking me how I create the animations.  I do not create these animations, they are already in the game in one form or another.  

I'm also asked how I MOD the animations frequently via email.  Apologies to all, but after getting involved a few times trying to explain it and getting no where fast, I will not respond to such emails.

However, when I get some time, I will do my best to write a tutorial in the easiest, most simple form possible and post it up on just as soon as I get the chance.


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