Star Forge Observation Deck

Curiously I was just playing Knights of the Old Republic earlier this week and got to face Malak. Let me tell you... thermal detonators are...


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Curiously I was just playing Knights of the Old Republic earlier this week and got to face Malak. Let me tell you... thermal detonators are a gift from God. KotOR fans should instantly recognize this map as a pretty high quality recreation of the observation deck of the Star Forge, where the final battle between your character and Darth Malak takes place.

This map, though not a 100% perfect recreation, does a very admirable job of recreating the location, complete with Force harvesters, big wires everywhere, and one amazing skybox courtesy of MaceCrusherMadunusus. While this version certainly has a brighter, more yellow feel than the original, most of the proportions and details are there and relatively spot on, creating a wonderful ambiance and a wonderfully accurate overall feel for the whole map. The brush and patchwork are also excellent. It's obvious a lot of blood sweat and tears were put into this map and it goes a lot farther than a lot of similar maps would!

Now for the super fanboys I'll cover some of the inaccuracies and bugs. First of all don't try to devmap this map like I did. It's not designed for free for all and doesn't even have the appropriate spawn points, so it'll crash. Just use it for duel like it was meant to be. Secondly die-hard fans will notice that some details are slightly inaccurate, such as the backs of the harvesters on the raised platforms and some other minor details, and that some details are missing entirely, such as the two locked doors on the lowered dead-end ramps. This doesn't particularly bother me since I didn't know they were there in the first place (heck, if you went down there in KotOR Malak would destroy you!). One last thing I wanted to mention was that I did notice some untextured faces on the bottom of the back of the harvester, which I assume never got uncaulked, so that may deserve some attention. Perhaps if a fix is planned the harvesters could be looked at to be given the appropriate effects as seen in KotOR. ;)

Overall I'd say it's a great map to add to the KotOR collection. It's a memorable location, and now you can have your own epic duels while observing the battle for the Star Forge! Just remember... duel only!

Bot Support: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes


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Readme File - Star Forge Observation Deck

Author:			Shadriss	([email protected])
Build Time:		3 Months
Additional Credits:		MaceCrusherMadanusus - Skybox Images
			Inyri Forge - MD3 Player Models

Description:		Set on board the Star Forge, a
 			spacestation/factory built millenia ago by the
 			Rakatan Infinite Empire. This location is the
 			scene for the final duel between Darth Malak
			and the one-time Darth Revan, which signaled
 			the end of the Sith War.

Game Types Supported:	Duel, Powerduel
New Textures:		Yes. Textures may be used by any mapper who so
 			wishes without permission.
New Sounds:		No.
BotRoutes:		No.

Legal Stuff:		This file is a modification for Jedi Knight - 
			Jedi Academy. It is not supported by, nor
 			endorsed, by LucasArts, Raven Software, or any
 			other company affiliated with the original
 			program. All names, locations, and other such
 			items that may be copyrighted are property of
 			thier owners. The Cheese stands alone.

			Use of the map file or bsp file in other
 			modifications is not permitted without consent
 			of the map's author.

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