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I must say, the 'Starkiller' skins have sure flooded onto the site like Reborns onto... well, JK2 files. Fortunately this one is different...


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I must say, the 'Starkiller' skins have sure flooded onto the site like Reborns onto... well, JK2 files. Fortunately this one is different than all the others. How so, you may ask? Well... IT"S GOOD. HOLY CRAP.

Let's start by quoting Nozy's review of the last version, shall we?

Following on from his popular Starkiller 1.1 skin, Raziel here brings us a new update to this skin.

Before I start complaining about how The Force Unleashed should really be coming to the PC and how annoyed I am that it isn’t, I better get on with the review!

As I said last time I feel the choice of HapSlash’s Anakin Skywalker model to reskin was a good idea. The armour, which has been adjusted slightly from last time fits well on the model. The parts of the armour that have been changed are the breast and back plates, which have been trimmed down a bit, and now look a better shape in my opinion. The strapping around the arms has also been adjusted, as has the belt. Also the colour of the robes, and the texture on them seems to have been changed subtly as well.

We also have team skins, though these don’t seem to have been changed since last time, it appears that the main changes were made to the default skin.

Now, things that could be improved upon. Again, as I said last time, I do feel that there should have been some red and blue versions of the default skin, because people may not recognise the blue and red team skins as representing Starkiller. That said however, the team skins are distinctive and I think they look cool! Lastly, for next time I think it would be cool to try and include some bit support in there.

Overall though another good skin here from Raziel, I look forward to seeing more from you mate!

New Sounds: No Bot Support:No Team Support: Yes

As Nozyspy stated twice in his reviews of the previous versions of this file, the HS Anakin model fits this skin very well and the armor looks very realistic on it. The different parts of the tunic, armor, and various little doodads all fit the model very well and nothing really looks out of place... EXCEPT: Bum bum bum, the lips. Yes, the lips look very odd; especially from the side. They just look unnatural. Another small problem I see is on the sides of the tunic the belt is choppy and doesn't line up.

That being said, let's move on to what's new in this version. The author added a slit into the back of the armor; segmented armor plates are very 'in'. He also removed the 'black kneepad things' and added new team skins, and trust me, they are spectacular. Just as high quality as the default skin. For blue team we have a lightside version, with a tan tunic and a yin-yang symbol on his white armor. For red team we now have the polar opposite - jet black clothing, deathly white skin, and fiery sith eyes. My favorite out of the 3 version though is still the normal skin; I just love the rugged appearance of him.

Also included in this mod is a version of what the author thinks Starkiller's saber would have looked like. It is a nice skin in itself, and a good add-on to this great skin. Unfortunately, no new sounds have been included and neither has bot support.


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Download '' (4.92MB)

Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Starkiller
AUTHOR: Raziel
FILENAME: Starkiller

CREDITS: Credits go to HapSlash for the model(read me included in the zip file), and to Roel since i reused a texture or 2 from his starkiller skin
also credits to spankie For the Hair Texture 
Credits also to HOUHOU for teh saber model

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder

DESCRIPTION: All of the skins of him i could find didnt look like him to me so i so i started to make my own
changed his face using a photo of Sam Witwerand redoing the face texture completely
to make it look more like it's actually him

Changed the default armor to give it the slit in the back
removed the black knee pad things
redid the team skins
added a reskinned version of HOUHOU's BackHand SNiper saber
i have no idea what StarKillers Saber Really Looks like so i just kinda used my imagination
i guess it will have to do til the model someonelse is makeing comes out

BUGS: the model it self pretty much makes parts of it just look wierd but i cant find any way to fix it =p
and the face isnt perfect but i did the best i could
and the armor light thing shows up on both hands instead of the one but with the model i cant really fix that anyway that i know of

COMMENTS: I used HapSlash his "HS Anakin Skywalker" model for this.
For the skinning i used my own textures and reused some of Roels and possibly spankie's.
i worked on this for awhile trying to get it to look as much like vaders Apprentice as i could
and if anyone knows how to get rid of the the bags on his belt i would be very appreciative if yo were to tell me how to do it


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