Star Trek Phaser Hilt

star_trek_phaser_hilt.zip —


This really took my by surprise and I think it is a very clever idea! This, combined with the authors Star Trek Jedi skins, which I will be reviewing soon, make a pretty cool Star Wars/Star Trek crossover package. As the author puts it:

It's a Star Trek phaser, converted into a "phaser saber" by a force sensative Starfleet officer!!! It's a "phasaber"!

Yes, I know that is utter sacrilege and no doubt I will have a price put on my head by some Star Wars and Star Trek fans for even mentioning the word 'crossover' but I think this is a really original mod! :DThough it could do with some custom Phaser sound effects, overall this is some good work, keep it up!New Model: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Effects: No~Nozyspy~


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