Star Trek: The Next Generation transporter FX

Dammit, where's Zach when you need him? He's, like, Trekkiesaurus Rex. *ahem* So, when was the last time anyone saw Star Trek: The Nex...


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Dammit, where's Zach when you need him? He's, like, Trekkiesaurus Rex.

*ahem* So, when was the last time anyone saw Star Trek: The Next Generation? They stopped airing it in the UK years back, it usually just gets put on BBC2 as filler when someone borks something. I actually have some fond memories of episodes caught in a post-Simpsons can't-be-bothered-to-change-the-channel state of attentive viewing as a kid. Patrick Stewart was surprisingly good at bringing comedic tones to an overall serious role. They certainly got the right guy to play the charismatic captain....

Ah heck. The point is, that transporter effect, despite being relatively early in the whole particle effects didgeridoo, looked cutting edge and very sci-fi, unlike JA's default teleporter effect which basically reminds me of ReBoot. Now you get that very same TNG teleporter effect for JA, in all it's splendor and glory and above all (for me, anyway) elegance. It's nice, sleek and subtle, unlike Raven Software's equivalent of a green halogen bulb being rapidly turned on then shorting out and exploding in the immediate aftermath.

So, while this mini-mod may be perfect for a Star Trek fan, it's recommended for anyone simply because of it removing the awful (and sometimes headache-inducing) teleport/connect/disconnect effect used in baseJA and replacing it with something visually pleasing and functional. Be warned, however, that scoring over 1500 particles (sweet mother of Iny Fudge! :o ) it's not jackin' around - chances are it will cause some slowdown, 'specially on older/weaker rigs or if many instances of the .efx file are playing at once.

But still. One of the nicer effects mods out there, to be sure.

~ Kouen

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        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE: Star Trek: The Next Generation transporter FX
        AUTHOR: Chammy ("Lord_of_the_Duct_Tape")

        FILENAME: TNG transporter.pk3
        FILESIZE: 329 kb
        DATE RELEASED: 5 April 2008

        CREDITS: I would like to thank the postproduction crew of Star Trek: TNG for originally making this special effect and 

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just plop it in your base folder, and you're done.

        DESCRIPTION: When installed, this mod replaces the usual effect you see when someone spawns into the game, disconnects, or teleports, with the visual and sound effects of a Starfleet transporter from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

        BUGS: None that I know of, but since this effect has over 1500 particles when it plays, you get serious framerate issues if someone near you in the game is spamming a teleporter.

        COMMENTS: This mini-mod is perfect for a Star Trek fan.  I have been using it for over a year now, and it has become a normal part of my game.  I only recently thought of submitting it to filefront.  I am working on a bunch of other mods now, so there will be more to come!

P.S.:  If you are good at vehicle reskins, send me an email.  I have an AT-ST and an A-wing that need reskins for an upcoming mod release.


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