Star Wars: Chronicles of Kyle Katarn (4in1 edition)

This pack contains five videos: 3 episodes, an epilogue, and a "bonus" video.\

First of all, I never got the appeal of random unchoreogra...


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This pack contains five videos: 3 episodes, an epilogue, and a "bonus" video.\

First of all, I never got the appeal of random unchoreographed saber battles, and there is a lot of this in these videos. Of course there are also random games inserted in, like a couple minutes of pitfall (yeah, I'm sure you're as curious about that as I am).

The first major problem is the filming - it's jerky, unprofessional, and quite frankly started to make me seasick by the time I got to the fourth video. The author really needs to practice his filming if he wants to put out anything decent, because his technique is going to scare everyone away.

The second, which maybe should have come first, is the plot. Or lack thereof, I suppose. From what I got from it, the basic premise is Kyle goes to meet Tavion after Jaden apparently doesn't kill her, then turns to the dark side (who knows why?), then comes to attack the academy. Yeah, that's about it. Then Jaden and Rosh go to the Planet of the Babes. Why? Well, I'm not going to comment on that one, as I'm sure it's relatively obvious. No, sorry, no actual babes are in this video.

There is no solid plot in this video. Well I shouldn't say that. What I *should* say is the plot he has should have been filmable in under 5 minutes. But instead we have a good 5 minutes worth of cutscenes from the end of Jedi Academy (as if none of us have played through it - and yes, he had to include everything from Jaden entering the throne room to Jaden exiting and talking to Luke and Kyle), a lot of random saber fighting, and a lot of Jaden and Rosh being stupid. Maybe you guys find this funny, but I pretty much just found it boring. It's hard to watch a 10 minute saber duel from one angle with choppy filming, and that's basically what this is.

I find it unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be any improvement from episode 1 to the epilogue, as if the author hasn't taken any past crits. That's really a shame, because we only give tihs advice so you guys can improve, but if you don't actually listen then we're just wasting our time. And I don't like that. So make sure you listen to your criticisms next time and improve your technique.


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A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Videos
TITLE: Star Wars: Chronicles of Kyle Katarn (4in1 edition)
AUTHOR: [DragoN].Warbird*

FILENAME: Star Wars Chronicles of Kyle Katarn (4in1 edition).zip
FILESIZE: ~214 MB (yes, I know, it's big but worth of your time)
DATE RELEASED: 16 November 2005

CREDITS: I would like to give a credits to Eaglestriker (some sound samples), {SITH}DarthTyranus[SL] (some sound samples), LucasArts/Raven Software (from obvious reasons), and too all respective producers/authors. Detailed credits in each ReadMe related to each movie and at the end of Epilogue movie.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unpack the archive and run the file. (Important! Since it's a XviD file I recommend to use Windows Media Player Classic or just select START->RUN and type mplayer2).

DESCRIPTION: A 4 in 1 edition of Chronicles of Kyle Katarn series ^^ It contains 3 episodes + epilogue + 1 bonus movie for Jaden and/or Rosh fans :P Watch, be surprised and enjoy!
And don't take everything too serious, relax, this isn't supposed to be a breathtaking story with impressive, imerrsive, stunnning and spinning plot. And don't take everything in that way, that all must be logical. No. 

BUGS: Bugs mentioned in each exterior ReadMe related to proper movie. 

PROGRAMS USED: Quake Video Maker 1.4.2, Audacity 1.2.3, Camtasia Studio 1.1.1, MS Paint (yes, yes, yeeeeeeeees! Look dear reviewer I used PAINT! :) Take suitable actions to deal with me :P ), Bink and Smacker, Max Movie Maker, WMM.

COMMENTS: Requirments: XviD 1.0.3 (Koepi's is the most efficient, but CelticDruid's is also a good one) or greater (if available). Tip: For improved video quality go to 'Configure Decoder' in your Menu Start shortcuts and check 'Deblocking (Y)' and 'Deblocking (UV)' (set them to on). Only do this if you have a decent comp. (I don't), otherwise you'll be experiencing some serious slowdowns (video faster than sound and vice versa). Don't check 'film effect' option!
You can download this codec/binary from here: 

Forgive me if I made some grammar/spelling errors.
Thank u.

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