Star Wars: Chronicles of Kyle Katarn | Episode II

Okay... well that was interesting. We start out this video by being greeting with a glaring spelling error. Next we see Rosh playing a vi...


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Okay... well that was interesting.

We start out this video by being greeting with a glaring spelling error. Next we see Rosh playing a video game (what was the point of this much 'footage'?). He's having a bit too much fun. Then, for no apparently reason, Jaden kicks the spit out of Rosh (though I must admit, I wouldn't need a reason either). Then we're taken back to Korriban to see Kyle fight Tavion. If she survived, why would she have stayed there that whole time? That's what I want to know, anyway. And apparently Kyle is just as big of a wuss as we all thought, because upon being crushed by the ceiling he immediately joins Tavion and the dark side.

So what was the point to this whole video? I have not the slightest clue. I don't know why Kyle was on Korriban, I don't know why Luke didn't know where he was, and I certainly don't know why Tavion was still a live. I don't even know where to find the first installment of this series! It would be nice if any of that was in the read-me. Either way, the author needs to work on his filming technique, as well as his sound mixing skills. It's always nice to hear Tavion call you something crude while laughing at the same time...


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A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Video
TITLE: Star Wars: Chronicles of Kyle Katarn | Episode II
AUTHOR: [DragoN].Warbird*

FILENAME: Star Wars ChoKK Episode II.avi
DATE RELEASED: 4 November 2005
TIME: 5,38 mins. 

CREDITS: I would like to give a credits to EagleStriker (some sound samples), LucasArts/Raven Softoware (from obvious reasons).

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Just unpack the archive and run the file. (Important! Since it's a XviD file I recommend to use Windows Media Player Classic or just select START->RUN and type mplayer2)

DESCRIPTION: A Second Episode of Kyle Katarn's future actions. Kyle meets somebody whom he wouldn't like to meet :P Luke sends Jaden and Rosh to find out about Kyle's absence, but Rosh isn't so willing to find his... master ;) Watch and enjoy.

BUGS: Some minor bugs, exempli gratia: one of the text dialogue is shown too fast. It'd be better if you pause the movie at this moment, read the text and then hit 'play' button :)
Secondly: Video playback during Rosh's game is often slow.

PROGRAMS USED: Quake Video Maker 1.4.2, Audacity 1.2.3, Camtasia Studio 1.1.2, MS Paint (yes, yes, yeeeeeeeees! Look dear reviewer I used PAINT! :) Take suitable actions to deal with me :P ).

COMMENTS: Requirments: XviD 1.0.3 (Koepi's is the most efficient) or greater (if available). Tip: For improved video quality go to 'Configure Decoder' in your Menu Start shortcuts and check 'Deblocking (Y)' and 'Deblocking (UV)' (set them to on). Only do this if you have a decent comp. (I don't), otherwise you'll be experiencing some serious slowdowns (video faster than sound and vice versa). Don't check 'film effect' option!
You can download this codec/binary from here: 

MUSIC: The Lord of the Rings: TTT (my own CD), Dark Reign II soundtrack (my own CD too).

There are screenies! :P 

Forgive me if I made some grammar/spelling errors.

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