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This is the trailer for an upcoming six-part mini-series called "Star Wars: Dawn of War". Now I'm lead to believe that this has nothing t...


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This is the trailer for an upcoming six-part mini-series called "Star Wars: Dawn of War". Now I'm lead to believe that this has nothing to do with the popular game based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, so sorry if anyone got their hopes up on that. In any case, this is one of those short types of trailers -- just over one minute long -- that doesn't provide much of a hint as to what the real video will be about. The read-me, while giving a long description, also doesn't give much of a hint, other than that it's meant to combine Star Wars and the popular show 24 as far as the style of the six videos goes.

Forty megabytes for a one-minute trailer is a little excessive (the author may want to look into the DivX codec to compress larger videos in the future), but the trailer isn't too bad so if the premise sounds interesting I encourage you to give it a look and see if it might be something you're interested in when the final videos come our way.


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Download '' (39.97MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Star Wars: Dawn of War (Trailer-Preview)
AUTHOR: Metaguardian

FILENAME:  Dawn of War Preview
FILESIZE: (Movie is 44.822 MB), Zip is 40.9 MB
DATE RELEASED: February 5, 2008

CREDITS:  A big thanks to the following contributors
to my movie:

-- Character actors (*Black Knight*Crasc, (CoR)Monk(SCC),
(CoR)Mashirafen(SCC), (CoR)Verdugo(G), (CoR)Jedibob(V),
(CoR)Mushima(G), (CoR)Metaguardian(CMC), Rodian)
-- Voice actor ( (CoR)Metaguardian(CMC) )
-- Filmed on the Full Authentic 24/7 server owned by 
(CoR)Sith Lord(SCC) & owned by DSi Industries/Jnive
-- Mb2_Corellia created by =Profcorron=
-- Moviebattles II development team for creating a great mod, both for playing and movie-making.
-- Tenloss Enforcer model created by neo_sabre

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Star Wars: Dawn of War (Trailer-Preview) is a QuickTime movie, which means you
will need Quick Time 7 (download at

DESCRIPTION:  Star Wars: Dawn of War (Trailer/Preview) is
the trailer/preview to the first episode of my six-part JKA

BUGS:  None that I know of.

COMMENTS:  This is the trailer/preview to "Dawn of War", 
which is the first of a six-part JKA Mini-Series I have written,
filmed and produced entirely on my own.  For almost the 
entirety of 2007 I had been obsessed with a bunch of 
storylines, characters and ideas that I thought might create
an enthralling movie series, but due to other commitments I
was unable to work on it.  I finally decided late last year that
I would start slogging it out to get this movie made.  My JKA
Mini-Series is comprised of six episodes of ten (approximately) minute each that will tell an epic saga of galactic conflict and
the  role that one man will play in its resolution.  This JKA 
Mini-Series seeks to avoid Star Wars cliches and is instead a
cross between Star Wars and 24.  Although Star Wars elements
feature prominently in its settings and characters, the storyline
in the upcoming movie and the remaining five episodes will
be unique, both in its storyline and execution.

As for this trailer/preview, I thoroughly enjoyed creating it, but
I did put in a special effort to ensure that the size of the trailer 
file was manageable for you guys (and girls) out there.  I did
however reach a point at around 40-45 MB where if I reduced
the file size any more, it significantly reduced the quality.  As it
is, I've focused more on achieving a good file size than brilliant quality, which I feel is something (as a viewer myself) does appreciate more. 
Lastly, the voice-over int his traileris a placeholder because the voice-actor
who will be doing that voice had bronchitis.   

I hope you guys enjoy this trailer and please keep an eye out for the release of Star Wars: Dawn of War coming to a download mirror near you sometime in March.


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