Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 1

As always with any Sith-J-Cull map, I will have difficulty finding fault with anything, but I will try my hardest! ;) So, didja see it, huh,...


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As always with any Sith-J-Cull map, I will have difficulty finding fault with anything, but I will try my hardest! ;) So, didja see it, huh, did you!? Of course you did. If you're on this site, reading this review, downloading this map pack, then you saw Episode III. If not, don't read my review - there may be a spoiler or two.

Okay, so I spawned in that one big room near the elevators. I immediately crawled down the broken one and explored the shaft. I don't think you can tell from the screenshots there, but there seemed to be water I was walking in here and there. Oh, and these screenshots are a bit out of order. See R2 down there in the water? I didn't mean for him to fall down there... I just love breaking grates. :D And that damn droid kept saying something every once in a while. Startled me every time and I expected them to spawn and start shooting at me and R2. Of course, R2 would've kicked their asses. As you can see from the last screenshot there, I wouldn't have been much help to R2 since I decided to go and press buttons and got launched out into space. My FPS was decent on The Invisible Hand and I wouldn't be surprised if this map becomes as popular as the Duel of the Fates map - especially with that space-sucker-outer button. ;)

And now Palpatine's Office - no, wait, that's a screenshot of Sith-J-Cull's office - or is it George Lucas'? Bah. Maybe George and James share an office? ;) Well, I have no idea how to legitimately get to this room, I cheated and noclipped. :P But definitely check it out, it's amusing. :) The design and lighting of this map are great and accurate, though my poor screenshots don't justify the map. I'm not quite sure why the chairs in the office can be pushed and pulled, but they can be. And the glass OF COURSE can be broken - how else could you reenact the scene where Windu gets - okay, I'll stop there. :)

After testing these two maps, I'm tempted to go back and find your first map ever submitted, James ... just so I can see if there was ever any improvement to be made. It seems to me you've always been a great mapper and always will be.

By the way, there are two screenshots of James' upcoming work included in the zip file. So be sure to download part 1 of this map pack!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel


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Star Wars Episode III JKA map pack - part 1


Maps by 		- James Culley (Sith-J-Cull)
TExtures by		- James Culley (Sith-J-Cull)
Music	 		- John Williams
star wars by		- George Lucas


Maps included in part
one of my three part map pack:

The invisible hand (Palpatines rescue)

Palpatines office complex (Palpatines arrest)


The invisible hand:

I am sure you will all have seen the last ever star wars movie, and if like me, you will agree
it was pretty bloody amazing, my fav of the new movies, and its easily as good as the OT.

So The invisible hand is the space ship that features at the start of the movie, and show Obi and Ani
mounting a rescue of Palpatine,  I made the map using screenshots of the game and sets of the movie, since
I did the structural work on the map before I saw the movie, there are a few inaccuracies but nothing I can sort
for a version 2 sometime.

There are a few areas in this map and they are as follows:

1)	The main observation room
2)	Hallways leading to the observation room
3)	A small passageway to the rear of the observation room, leading to an office
4)	A set of lifts, that work fine when used by one person, but will create a lot of fun when used with many :)
	one of these lifts is broken and you can climb up or down the shaft.
5)	The lower deck hallway leads to the hanger but will also lead to network of fuel pipes underneath the hanger,
	these pipes are a must, if you are to escape from the trap that can be found in the hanger ;)
6)	A battle outside in the skybox, you cant get out there (or you are not supposed to) however I am sure
	if you do go outside, you will find room to fly about, but the map is not intended for that (go get Hatruss map for that)

I hope you enjoy the Invisible hand as much as i enjoyed watching it in the movie :) (I was going to say as much as i enjoyed making it,
but it got on my nerves in the end!!)


Palpatines office complex

This map was an area i just had to make, I had thought about it after seeing it in the other movies, but when I found out there was a
going to be an important scene there, featuring Mace, Ani and Palpatine, I couldnt resist it.  Again if you have seen the movie, you will notice
that I tried to be as accurate as possible, all of the windows are breakable with a saber, most of the funiture can be moved about with force powers,
there is a secret are in this map thats pretty easy to find, but was fun to add. (I made this map overscale so there was more room to fight)

The office complex is a small map and is best for dueling, although it does support ffa also.  I did make an outside area to this map, but decided to save it
for the coruscant map that I have been working on which will include padmes apartment, the opera house and many other coruscant places maybe even including
the Jedi temple.

There are two versions of this map included, one has the animated skybox, but because it uses an area portals and many shaders, it will decrease the fps on some
lower spec systems, so I included a second version that has a non animated skybox, this version runs much smoother on lower spec pc's.


I have included some screenshots of the next part of my Star wars episode III map pack series, so I hope you enjoy those :)

Thanks to all of my beta testers of the Invisible hand.


Coming in the next two parts of my map packs...


Mustafar (v2)

the Senate

Jedi archives (destroyed)


These maps will be on my website as single maps for those with slower connections soon...

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