Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 2



Okay, out of the two maps included in the second part of SJC's map-pack, Mustafar is by far the superior map. Utapau is also a good map, but for my expectations, I guess it fell slightly short. But thats the harshness when everybody expects perfect maps from you SJC :) I've seen Episode III, and the similarity between the movie and the Mustafar map here is very good. Sure, it's not perfect, but in order to have a playable map which is fun, nobody mines a few small alterations. I'll start with the small errors I found, to get them out of the way. Firstly, when walking down the edge of the lava river leading to that giant waterfall, the lava doesn't always follow the path of the rocks... sometimes there's a hole between the rock and the lava flow, so you can see UNDER the lava... check the third screenshot. The textures when lava paths meet also look a little wierd but unfortunately with the q3 engine its near impossible to get that effect working perfectly. Oh, there's also quite a lot of shader errors in the console, but they won't affect gameplay.

The FPS held pretty okay for most of the map, dropped maybe a little low in some bits but it's nothing to worry about, and the map is a lot bigger than I first thought, as there's a whole other area when you go through the connecting tunnels. After looking around I found Obi's ship, along with a shuttle and another ship whom I wasn't sure belonged to. The structures around the rockfaces and the rocks themselves are very well made, incredibly detailed, although might I suggest a different texture for where the lava meets the rocks? Kinda looks like scratched metal in a red colour from up-close. But I'm nit-picking here. Overall this is a brilliant map which I advise you all go and try out - on your own (there's bot support), but even better with others. Ah.. I haven't loved Force Push and Grip quite so much since Nar Shadda streets for JK2 :D

Incidentally, there's quite a few interactive features here too, moving platforms across the lava, flying probes e.t.c. There's also traps here and there so you can retract walkways dropping people into the lava. Looks a bit odd when the walkway just disappears, but what the heck. I imagine with a large FFA this would be a very cool map, and perhaps whilst big for a one-on-one duel, you'll all be able to recreate that fantastic final duel of Episode III.

Now onto Utapau. Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic map - it just seemed a little bare from what I saw, especially that rocky area outside. (A few texture misalignment problems) I noclipped around and you might want to caulk a little more around the backs of the rocks to improve FPS for those with low-end PC's (I had no problems, just a small suggestion) And what are those grey smudge things at the bottom of the hole lol? The plafroms and sticking-out areas were great for the most part, however I wish there weren't quite so many locked doors. The readme states both maps have some improvements to be done, so I assume these WILL lead somewhere eventually. Incidentally, the doors in this map could use a soundset too, it's a bit odd when they don't make a noise. Again, there's full bot support, but very few bugs I found when compared to Mustafar - not that Mustafar is bug-ridden lol ;) It's just this in map there was less to go wrong I guess. My favourite section had to be the big sperical building jutting out from the rock-face. So cool... Anyway, Download it and take a look! It's very large (lots of textures, including some from his stargate map for some reason - might lead to conflicts in the future), so some of you may have to leave your PC on all night, but don't worry, it's worth it :D

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~



Star Wars Episode III JKA map pack - part 2


Maps by 		- James Culley (Sith-J-Cull)
TExtures by		- James Culley (Sith-J-Cull)
Music	 		- John Williams
star wars by		- George Lucas


Maps included in part
one of my three part map pack:

Mustafar Encounter (Anakin's End)

Utapau (Utapau)



Well I spent a long time on this map and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  First I will talke about the different areas, you will find
the Huge lava river complete with different floatin platforms and droids that you can ride on or battle on.  The river has various lava falls which (in most cases)
will kill you as will the lava.   The lava collectors in this area can be lowered into the lava byt the control panel in the control room to the right of the main door.
The control panel next to that will also trigger the lowering once destroyed.

There are three landing pads with Anakins fighter, Padmes Noobian, and the Emporers shuttle, a droid work shop complete with a stock of droids LOL!

Now unfortunately there are some bugs in this version, even though I used the appropriate spawnflags on some of the rock models, they still allow the players to pass through them
in places, also there are two crates left unclipped in the droid workshop, some of the lava falls allow you to pass through them, and areas of the lava river do not kill you.

There are some other minor glitches which will all be sorted once I release the final 2 parts of the mappack series.  I intend to release all six maps in thier complete form as one huge
mappack :D

Out of these two maps Mustafar is my favourite and is the one I spent most time on.



Ok well this map was a pain in the but from the start, it was so hard to get the feel and look of Utapau using the q3a engine, so
I did my best, parts of the map look pretty basic but other part like the 'level 10' trade fed ship and some of the Utapau structures are pretty detailed.

There are two func_trains that 'fly' around this level taking you from the lower parts to the upper level 10, there are also jump pads here and there, plenty of landing pads
where you can spawn things (yourselfs i mean lol!).

Again as with mustafar I will provide a more complete version of this map in the final 6 mappack!



Coming in the next part of my map pack...

the Senate

Vader's imortalisation building


These maps will be on my website as single maps for those with slower connections soon...

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