Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 3



Ohh my goodness, what can I say? This is Sith J’s 3rd Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith mappack, which includes Kashyyyk, the Senate, and Darth Vaders Reconstruction chamber or whatever its called :S No one can say that they haven’t been waiting for at least one of these maps! The one I was most looking forward to was the Senate ;)

Well, this is going to be an insanely long review lol, so I will give each map its own little (or not so little) section.

Kashyyyk Battle:

First lets start with Kashyyyk. Now, having bought the Ep3 DVD yesterday (October 31st mwahaha we in Britain get it a day before the Americans! Makes a change to get something first for once lol…anywayyy…) Probably one of my favourite battle scenes (of which there were many) was the Kashyyyk one. Giant furry people against robots? Who wouldn’t like to see such a match up ;)

This map is truly MASSIVE, among some of the ace things included are many vehicles made by various other authors. Including the Hailfire Droid and the Clone Gunship. Now, I know how annoying it can be to try and fly around in a map that’s too small, and you keep banging into the skybox and blowing up…but thankfully this map has easily enough room for a dogfight in the sky ;)

This would, I imagine, be a great map for gunbattles and TFFA’s because of all the vehicles and the massive amount of room. Not to mention all the walkways pads and cool features like barricades on the ground. Graphically this map is superb, there’s a little Republic Star Destroyer moving in the sky, also there is a bird that is actually flying round! That’s not the best bit though, what was really great was the fact that there were multiple rooms in the giant trees that you could actually go inside, and not only that the leaves on the trees, actually sway, so it looks like there is a slight breeze blowing! The water even looks like its lapping against the shore! Sometimes it’s the little things like that which really make a map more alive graphically.

All in all a really good map here, if you like exploring or like having a battle, you will love this! Also this map reminds me of Naboo Hills By Darth Zappa, because of the vast amount of space and all the vehicles, so if you liked that map, you will love this!

The Senate:

Well this is the map that I most wanted to see in this pack :) Its probably a bit smaller than I expected, but like he said in the readme, it needed to be made smaller for obvious reasons! Kashyyyk was best in my opinion as a battle map, this however is probably better as a dueling map. That’s because there are lots of platforms and tricky areas to jump around, which is great whilst you are dueling! Its also good for exploring, as with all of Sith J’s maps there’s always plenty of places to explore! There’s even the little tunnel included that Yoda crawls through to escape at the end of the film. That’s not it though, this map contains a couple of extremely cool features, which I’m sure you will want to play around with….

One being a small control panel at the bottom of the senate area. If you press and hold the use button on it (similar to what you do when you are trying to hack the control panels on Hoth Siege), when the timer bar goes all the way down to the bottom, the entire map will change from being all perfect, to after Yoda and Palpatine have finished dueling, with Senate pods crashed all over the place and plenty of smoke!

Another super cool feature is the Iris type thingy that opens to allow Palpatines Platform to rise up into the middle of the Senate arena. That must have been a difficult thing to make! If you have the Yoda and Palpatine models this would be a great place to re-enact their battle ;)

There were only a couple of small things that bugged me here (a perfect map is impossible to get!) One would be that the Senate area itself is a bit small, but like he says in the readme, it would have been almost impossible to make it at its full size! The other would be the ordinary senate pods they are quite low detail compared to the better looking ones that are floating around, but again, if you made them too detailed it would drag the fps right down because there are so many of them. Nevertheless the overall look is very realistic, and as always this map is great fun to explore!

This map is the one I was really looking forward to in this pack, and I can certainly say that it doesn’t disappoint!

Now onto the last and smallest map in this pack, Vaders Reconstruction Chamber, where he dons that famous black suit! (mind you he’s pretty much crippled then so its probably actually the medical droids that don it for him, but that doesn’t sound as good…ehm anyway)

Vaders Reconstruction Chamber:

This map, according to the readme, is a teaser for a bigger map that will come later on. But its still brilliant! This map doesn’t appear to have bot support (although I’m sure the finished version will), but its too small to be played properly with bots anyway.

This thing that really got me in this map is the atmosphere created, it is really just like what you see in the film, dark, heavy and gloomy. Its really got that evil atmosphere. Graphically it is also very good, there’s plenty of detailing to look at. What’s best of all though, is the bed that Vader is reconstructed on, press one of the 2 control panels near the entrance and the bed raises and lowers!

This is another great map, and I look forward to seeing the full size version!

Another excellent mappack here from Sith J, and as usual I found virtually no bugs, or things that I didn’t like, because his maps are such high quality!

Battle of Kashyyyk:

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA

The Senate:

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA

Vaders Reconstruction Chamber:

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA




Episode III mappack part III


Hey peeps,

This, the final of my episode III mappacks, I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have making them.

This pack includes:

The Galactic Senate

The Battle of Kashyyyk

And a special sneak peak at the Vader’s Immortalization chamber featured at the end of episode III.
The Senate:

I had to make a big decision in this map; I mean the shire size of the senate from the movies is pretty
Impossible to recreate in radiant, I had to make a SERIOUSE cut back on the amount of pads I added, however
I did include over 160 pods in the map some of which are interactive; it also features the blade doors and central
elevator as seen in the movie.

Don’t forget to hold the usetime button found on the main floor of the map - it will alter the map so that it
appears destroyed just like after Yoda and Sidy fight.


The detail in this map was kept to a minimum; however some with lower spec pc's will indeed have problems with
fps. due to the size and nature of the map so sorry about that.   I included some of the best vehicle models in one of the zip files,
these are the ones I included in the map, I had intended to use all new kashyyyk vehicles but I don’t think they were
completed in time one way or the other.

Vader’s immortalization chamber:

This is a special bonus map only two rooms as it is a sneak peak of the full map which will include the landing pad etc.

The next release in the mappack series, as I have stated before will not include any new episode III maps, but it will feature all of
the previous maps but in the completed form.   In a way all of the maps in the mappacks have been Betas, for the complete release that I plan
to get to you around Christmas.


Put the .pk3's into your /gamedata/base/ directory.


Vehicles: Credits to Hatrus for the Droid Starfighter, LightNinja for the AT PT, Monsoontide and Duncan_10158 for the Stap and Hailfire Droid and 
Marz for the Republic Gunship.

I would like to make a special thanks to a good mate of mine, and a regular on my forums "Shadow Knight" for providing me with the script for 
the raising and lowereing of the medical bed in the chamber, without him It would be well flat forever! mwhahaha!

Thanks guys for the use of your vehicles/scripts!

James (Sith-J-Cull)

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