Star Wars: Full Authentic Moviebattles

This video is a three for one. I'd personally call it a two for one, as I don't count the credits as an entertaining section, but apparent...


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This video is a three for one. I'd personally call it a two for one, as I don't count the credits as an entertaining section, but apparently the author does. It basically includes a short trailer for a new Movie Battles map, and a video featuring the Full Authentic game mode. I personally question the choice of music, because while KotOR's music is quite dramatic, it is entirely wrong for footage that has its own music associations. So while it kind of fits, it just feels wrong to me.

Overall, though, a well-edited film with some good footage. Work a look for Star Wars and/or Movie Battles fans. Cough up the 35 megs worth of bandwidth if you're willing to wait for it to download.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Star Wars: Full Authentic Moviebattles
AUTHOR: Metaguardian
WEBSITE:  (my CoR clan's website)
        (the official website for the Moviebattles II mod)

FILENAME: Star Wars-- Full Authentic Moviebattles.wmv
DATE RELEASED: August 18, 2007  

CREDITS:  I have quite a lengthy credits scene in the actual movie itself, where I 
                acknowledge nearly all the players present in the scenes, authors of the 
                maps involved, and any other notable figures who gave me assistance on
                the movie.  However, I would like to thank a few people in particular.  Firstly,
                my long-time clan mate, Duh, for doing an all-nighter to help me fix up the 
                credits sequence.  Secondly, Eagleeye for spending so much time on the
                titles sequences.  Thirdly, TK-321 for his outstanding special effects mod that
                really made this movie look far more impressive.  And lastly, to the 
                Moviebattles team for creating an immersive game with awesome Star Wars 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Download the zipped file and extract its contents to 
                                                 a folder of your choice. 

DESCRIPTION:  This four minute and forty second movie is comprised of three movies.      
                        The first is a map trailer featuring some upcoming Moviebattles maps,
                        the second is a feature movie showcasing the gameplay of the Full 
                        Authentic mode of Moviebattles, and the third is the credits sequence.

BUGS:  The credits sequence is a little blurry.  Nearly seven hours in total were spent
            attempting to fix this, but due to Windows rather temperamental nature, the 
            most I could really do was just reduce the blurriness rather than eliminate it 
            completely.  However, this can be rectified by viewing the credits on a smaller
            Windows Media Video screen rather than on full-screen (although the movie and 
            trailer can be seen on full-screen without any problems).  

COMMENTS:  Well, it's been quite a journey for me on this movie.  I've reached a new 
                     level of movie-making since my last Full Authentic movie (released April or 
                     so), and it has given me the confidence to tackle bigger and better movie
                     projects.  For this particular movie, I started it less than two months ago
                     and filmed a little over three hundred demos.  The majority of the time was
                     spent rendering the demos in High-Definition, and then of course putting
                     it together on Adobe Premiere.  My aim in the movie was to illustrate how
                     Full Authentic mode of Moviebattles allows you to recreate the epic 
                     moments of the Star Wars movies (and EU material) while having a lot of 
                     action-packed fun.  A few of the scenes early in the movie were staged,
                     however the majority of the movie occured spontaneously.

                     Also included with the movie is a map trailer featuring some of the 
                     budding mappers of the Moviebattles community and their
                     upcoming maps.  Be sure to give it a download when they come out.
                     Lastly, I am aware that the credits are rather long, but due to the huge
                     scale of the production and the immense number of actors (the majority
                     of whom were not aware they were being filmed) I thought it would be
                     nice to list the players who were featured.  After all, half the fun of being
                     in a movie of this kind is knowing you were in it.  In addition, the background
                     images are an attempt at a "pastel"/slightly "cartoony" series of images,
                     rather than super high quality images.

                     Thankyou for viewing my movie and please note that my next movie project
                     is a Moviebattles frag video, so please send in your good demos to 
             .  Thanks!

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