Star Wars JKA-The Rise of Darth Konjotto



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On a server ... you must fight ... to survive. One man ... George Lucas ... finds out just how cruel the virtual world can be. They went too far. They broke all the rules. One man ... George Lucas as himself ... in ... Star Wars JKA: The Rise of Darth Konjotto.

So, have you ever wondered if George Lucas plays JK2 or JA? Have you ever wondered what would happen if, say, someone stole some part of a script from Episode III? And what if all of the servers had been taken over by a group of lamers?! This is a classic theme - good vs. evil. Who will win in the end? Will Lucas get control of his servers again? Will the script be leaked? Can Lindsey convince Lucas to accept his help with the evil Darth Konjotto? Download the movie now and find out!

Okay, so like, don't read this part until you watch the movie. Because no matter what my opinion is of the technical or aesthetic parts of this movie, this is a little film that should be appreciated by all. :) I love the idea that Lindsey had here to create a movie using a story that seems familiar to most of us. If you don't know what a lamer is, move on, you probably won't get this movie at all. The idea that George Lucas could be a part of it all is a little far-fetched, but c'mon, this is all fiction and it's supposed to be a little silly. I actually found myself giggling out loud at some parts. Though it could be because I watched it at 2 am. *shrug*

One of the most unfortunate things about this movie is that Lindsey didn't get others to help with the voice acting. Lindsey did a great job, but for us, your audience, you really should've considered how hearing you voice every character could get boring. And it's difficult to tell who's speaking because, as well as you did with the voices, it was still hard to tell the difference between all characters. I'm sure there are people who would love to help with voice acting in your next movie! If you need a female voice, I'd be willing to give it a try. :)

Oh, and Lindsey should be introduced to TeamSpeak or Ventrilo. It's a good way to give your actors direction, without ever having to type anything while filming. Though this story was not incredibly involved, I did feel like I was being pulled back to reality every time I saw you typing out direction while the music played and the actors dueled. And the music was good, but sometimes it was too loud and it drowned out the voices. Some of the filming was pretty good, some effects were too - like some of the wipes were decent. Though sometimes the camera jerked a bit too abruptly and maybe with a bit more practice, it could've been smoother. I understand the reason for using the movie clips, but it was a little odd to go from movie scenes to JA scenes.

So overall, I'd have to say this 17 minute movie is one of the biggest productions I've seen, to date. I'm impressed with Lindsey for taking on such a big project. I'd love to see you come up with another story, film it and take into consideration some of my suggestions. I am, by no means, a director (though I do have a bit of experience in editing from my reporter days) - but I am a part of your audience and I know what I like and don't like. I hope that more people can give suggestions as well that can help you in your future work. :) I actually really like these JK movies that are coming out. It's not a mod for the game, so it doesn't seem useful. But it's a great way to use the game to show your creativity and I can't wait to see more from you, Lindsey!




Star Wars JKA-The Rise of Darth Konjotto 
Author: Lindsey 

This movie takes place a few months after the events of Mandalorian Masters/Cheaters United. The film is 17 mins long, and is in mpeg format.

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