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Star Wars Movie Duels 2 - Demo

Wector's Movie Duels is back! All you fans of the original, and fans of SP mods, and those of you who are bored today, rejoice, for you shal...


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Wector's Movie Duels is back! All you fans of the original, and fans of SP mods, and those of you who are bored today, rejoice, for you shall not be disappointed!

This is just a demo of what is up and coming in Movie Duels 2.0. Obviously, it will be quite limited, but I think it's a good teaser of the mod to come. The main feature of this demo is Palpatine's Arrest, the duel between Mace Windu and Palpatine. You can play as either Mace Windu or Chancellor Palpatine.

Many of the saber moves have been changed. I was able to quickly adapt to the new setup...perhaps it is similar to the setup in JO? In any case, I think the attacks were much better than the base JA ones - less delicate swinging, and a lot more hard hits and pokes.

I haven't seen Episode III in a long time, so I can't really say anything about how accurate (or inaccurate) the map may be, but it looks very nice to me, and it's the perfect size for a duel. I can't say much for the character models for the same reason, but again, they do the job well. I daresay the Palpatine model is spot on.

There are cutscenes between the different stages of the duel as well. Here's one thing I think should be improved, if at all possible...the characters walk down the hallway just doing a simple overhead swing unless their sabers hit. Needs to be a little more...epic, methinks. Some minor choreography would be just the thing.

The final cutscene of the duel is done pretty well for JA...again, I think it could be better, but it is good for Quake III. Palpatine is forced to the edge of the windowsill, and Anakin enters the room. After Palpatine is done blaming Windu for him zapping himself, you take control of Anakin, and you get to choose who dies. I very happily killed Palpatine. Twice. I had to suck it up for the third time just so I could see what happened when I killed Windu instead... XD And I wasn't disappointed in what followed.

After you've played Palpatine's Arrest once, there's still a little surprise for you! A make believe scenario has been created where Anakin chooses to fight Palpatine after he has revealed his sith identity. Palpatine pulls out his saber and the two have it out. Once you've run his health down, another cutscene plays...Palpatine pulls a little something out of somewhere. It makes sense that he'd have one hidden in his office, when you think about it. Great twist, I enjoyed it much.

So, what are you waiting for? Get it downloading! I'm not a fan of SP mods, but I'll have to keep an eye on this one for sure.


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Star Wars: Movie Duels 2 - Demo
Latest Updated 28/1-09

TITLE: Star Wars: Movie Duels 2 - Demo
AUTHOR: Wector
E-MAIL: pontus_gnaget@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.moddb.com/mods/star-wars-movie-duels


Thanks for downloading Movie Duels. This Readme conatains information of 
how to install and credits.


Star Wars: Movie Duels is a single player Jedi Academy: Total Conversion.
In this mod you will relive the most famous duels from star wars episode 1, 2 and 3.

- Choose the light side of the Jedi or the Dark side of the Sith and relive the increible fights from the movies.

- More than 10 new maps with new cinematics and scripts, including "Battle Of Heroes" and "Confrontation With Dooku".

- Every mission contains three levels: Light side, Dark side and a Bonus level.

- Three Difficult levels on every mission: Easy, Normal and Hard.

- A completely new Gameplay called "Challenge". Here you fight against the most famous characters from the Star Wars films in 10 stages. To proceed you must win.

* New Maps

* New Cinematics 

* New Scripts

* New Menus 

* New Animations 


1. Unzip all files to your "Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameData" folder.
2. To start the game you can either click on the "MD2 - Demo" file in your "GameDataMD2-Demo" folder. // Or you can go to your "Gamedata" folder and press the bat. file called: "Star Wars Movie Duels 2 - Demo".

3. To uninstall simply remove all files you Extracted when installed the mod.

News In Version 2.0

- To make the missions in version 2.0 deeper and more fun to play I have tried to take "multiple endings" to a new level, now your chooses in the game will affect the outcome.

- Everyone who played the previous version 1.01 knows that it had a lot of bugs, "Too many NPCs", "Can't switch lightsaber style", "Menu Music starts over every time you get back the the main menu" are all fixed in version 2.0. Hopefully this will make the mod more enjoyable to play.
Except from the new look of the mod I have added a new restart mission-button which will be visible when you die.




<<mars marshall>>





<<revan dark>>
revan dark star wars hilts



<<avadann kedeth>>
movie stances 2.0

new lightning effects




Jedi Temple



A single player total conversion by Wector
//Thanks For Playing!


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