STAR WARS New Conflict - Episode I

First of all, let me start out by apologizing to the author if any parts of this review are inaccurate or flat our wrong. The video's 23 min...


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First of all, let me start out by apologizing to the author if any parts of this review are inaccurate or flat our wrong. The video's 23 minutes, so I didn't sit and watch all of it (mostly because I had to wait the hour and a half for it to upload, to make sure it didn't time out again) and I didn't want to waste any more time than necessary.

Secondly, let me mention that if you are likely to be offended by the use of a Hitler skin, or a character emulating Hitler, please don't download this. The video is all in good fun, and really makes no other references to World War II, but someone's bound to take it the wrong way, so take this opportunity to move on if you're one of those types. Check the read-me for more information on this.

That said, I liked the video... I think. As I said, I skipped around, so I didn't get a feel for the whole story, but from what I saw it was pretty humorous. I especially liked the new "mind trick" part. The music was very well done, though at times I didn't think it really fit with the scene. It's well-mixed, though, and doesn't start or stop abruptly like can be common among fan films. The only thing that really bothered me was the vocals. Let me be as specific as possible here. I don't think they did a bad job, I just don't think Luke is Polish. That's unavoidable in this case. They are Polish, and Luke is not. Getting some American voice actors to do certain parts definitely would have been better, but getting voice actors at all is hard enough, so I respect the fact that they tried. It's actually not all that bad, if you use your imagination. At least he doesn't sound like he's 12 :)

I know most of the guys around here will appreciate the very ending of the film, so stick around for all 23 minutes to see it. Kudos on filling up a large span of time with something actually interesting. It's hard to do. The comedy's pretty good, and the quality of the actual video is pretty good, so I'd suggest at least giving it a look. Especially since I spent all day uploading it! :p


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Movie
TITLE: "STAR WARS New Conflict - Episode I"
AUTHOR: Effendi, Peteromaniak

FILENAME: STAR WARS New Conflict - Episode I.wmv
DATE RELEASED: 25 October 2005

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip, then double click on the movie icon to start, and enjoy. Windows Media Player might be useful.
RUNNING TIME: 00:23:34
PLOT DESCRIPTION: After a couple of peaceful years in the galaxy, the dark times seem to be coming back. The New Republic, not aware of serious threat, slowly develops its economy and spreads over different systems. In the meantime, a mysterious evil master gathers a giant army and prepares for a total war with the New Republic. Fortunately, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker never gets off guard. After receiving bad news, he and his fellows, former students of the Academy, now- experienced Jedi Knights, set themselves an objective to warn the New Republic of the threat.
TIMETABLE: The events from our movie take place a couple of years after defeating Ragnos Disciples. We assume that Jaden didn't turn to Dark Side.
SOME COMMENTS: The evil character is Master Hilter (watch the spelling), but I assure you that the movie is not related to The World War II. By the way, we all know that George Lucas took inspiration from this tragic war, its events and people that were part of it. We live in Poland, so we have good knowledge how our families, country and many other countries suffered, and that's why we would never try to recall any bad memories or hurt anyone by this fan film. If you don't want to watch it, just don't download it, same as with the skin of hitler from jk2files. And please don't tell me I'm not educated or something, or that I have no respect to the history of WWII - Holocaust, reprisals, executions, genocide, bloody, people wasting campaigns, milions of tragedies. I have better knowledge than most of you. Besides that, take for example Monty Python and their "Hilter in England" sketch, I'm sure you liked it, or all WWII games.  Remember!!! It's just a movie, made for fun, not offending anyone.

Directed, written, performed by
Effendi and Peteromaniak

Music by
John Williams, Beethoven, Status Quo, Modern Talking, Electric Light Orchestra, Red Army Choir.

Voices by
Effendi, Peteromaniak, Jedi Academy default voices, Microsoft Sam. (Please forgive us if there are some language mistakes; we are from Poland)

-"Vaders Chamber" by LivingDeadJedi
-"NABOO HILLS version 2.1" by Darth Zappa
-"Kashyyyk" by Captainm
-"Sith-J-Cull's Falcon" by Sith-J-Cull
-"ffa_destroyer" by Raven Software
-"Imperial Dreadnaught Final v 1.3" by -Merrick-
-"Battle Over Coruscant" by Orbitius and Hatrus  
-"Deathstar Trench v2.0" by Darth Zappa
-"Coruscant Part I - Padme's Home" by Sith-J-Cull
-"DEX's Club" by Sith-J-Cull
-"[USA]-Forest" by USA clan

Models and skins
-"Episode III Jedi Starfighter (1.5)" by Manquesa
-"A-Wing Starfighter" by Gregory (Manquesa) Birmingham
-"Lambda Shuttle" by Raven Software
-"Bdc-cloudcar" by Darth Zappa
-"Hitler" by SG_Barada
-"Episode III Clones" by gingerguy
- Green Wookie by Orbitius
- all the default skins by Raven Software

Many special thanks to
Maps and models creators, LucasArts and other creators of Jedi Academy and Republic Commando.

COPYRIGHT 2005 Effendi's Bunglers
This movie is not to be modified in any way without our permission.

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