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Ah yes, the Nina series. I'm pretty aware of it, albeit I will admit I have not indulged heavily within it, since I'm not privy to SP mods,...


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Ah yes, the Nina series. I'm pretty aware of it, albeit I will admit I have not indulged heavily within it, since I'm not privy to SP mods, let alone voice-acted ones. No offense to the voice actors, I just prefer professional sound equipment and what have you >_>.

So, rather than ruin the story, I'll just give a basic synopsis for those who aren't informed on this series:

Your character is Nina Delenda, a commander of a private army(hence Privateer, which actually led me to believe this involved pirates <_<) division for hire. You're hired by (I'm presuming,) an imperial remnant commander to help take down a fanatical Imperial officer.

Pretty basic, no? Now, for a basic review of the content:

Story: This storyline is comparably basic, but actually quite refreshing from the usual "Jedi/Sith, rawr!" storylines I see so much in RPG servers everywhere -_-. The story itself was overall pretty well executed, albeit there were a few oddities that shall be covered in gameplay. The dialog was comprised of subtitles, and as such, I was able to detect quite a few spelling errors within them. In terms of character development and dialog, I found that particular end to be rather unsettling. Nina herself kept trying to switch between a rough-and-tumble personality and a patrician-ish style of dialog. Felt very awkward. The troopers apparently were serving as a consistent comedic relief, albeit a very weak relief. This could have worked better if they weren't ALL trying to be funny. In their current form, they just came off as slightly annoying, since they did so very little work. That being said, I did find the conclusion to be a bit...anti-climatic, in a sense(ending with a rather weak joke punchline of sorts.)The payoff just wasn't worth it. Thankfully, the majority of the story flowed very nicely with very few "erh?" moments.

Gameplay: Your character, for reasons explained in the prequel campaigns, has a lightsaber and level 2 force powers, along with guns. Honestly, this in itself just feels a little overblown, and tends to lend too little challenge to the mostly gun-toting enemies(the only solace of challenge being the numbers and the occasional sniper. This was also tested in Jedi Master mode.) To add insult to injury, the character apparently wields Shien, or more commonly, the Desann Stance. This pretty much acts as a severe bail out feature, since it pretty much devastates every other saber stance. As such, this proves overly effective on the (presumably) inexplicable and rather random reborn and shadowtrooper encounters.

Most of the campaign seems to function correctly. The only real "bug" may not even be a bug at all. At the moment, I have been trying to figure out why a particular vent does not open on the last level(it's supposed to, I'm certain of that much.) I have a good idea as to HOW it should be opened, but there's no evident way to access this This wouldn't be so detrimental if it weren't for the linear path set by the author's map construction. Perhaps he will shed some light on that particular fiasco in the comments?

Content Design/Quality:In terms of mapping, this module is top-notch. Despite the rather linear gameplay of the campaign maps, one would be foolish to say that these are not well-constructed/scripted(other than the aforementioned vent bug of course.) Skins? Eh, very minimal effort in those. Most of the enemies were just stock JA/JO. Your allies were rather basic reskins of the stock JA stormtroopers. I don't see why he couldn't just suck it up and use Hapslash's improvements XD but to each his own. I think the only other custom skins that were used were brief reskins of the Tavion model and a quick mustache on an imperial. Otherwise, pretty basic st00f.

Overall? This is definitely worth a look-see. The size/entertainment ratio is pretty balanced, and it's a rather healthy little campaign. I will say I found the "side quests" to be a little shallow, but otherwise, this mod's pretty well-constructed. Just let us know what's up with that vent, eh? O_o

- Averus Retruthan

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Star Wars - Privateer

(c) 2009 Larry McBruce


  I&apos;d like to start with a big thank to the people who contributed to this little mod. It wouldn&apos;t have been possible without them. So, thank you guys, you rock. :)

A word of explanation: 

&apos;Star wars - Privateer&apos; was previously known as &apos;Invasion&apos;, but unfortunately, I was not entirely satisfied with the story, so I rewrote it. The original mod was voiced by the usual crew (Inyri, Craig, Kessno...). I do know that you all prefer voice-acting whenever possible and so do I, but in that case that&apos;s just not possible. It&apos;s a lot of work (144 lines of dialogue), and I have too little time. I know it&apos;s a shame, but this is the best I can offer. I guess that an unvoiced mod is better than no mod at all. Anyway, I hope you&apos;ll enjoy playing Privateer as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Installation instructions:

  The installation is really simple. Extract &quot;; into your GameData folder (by default C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGamedata). It will create a subfolder called &quot;Privateer&quot;, as well as a very useful batch file (Privateer.Bat). Just click on it, and it will launch the game. See? Nothing really difficult here. 

  Please note that this campaign only supports English. Make sure your game is set on English language in order to avoid all kinds of undesirable effects during the game. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENABLED “SUBTITLES: IN CINEMATICS” IN THE GAME OPTIONS MENU, AS SUBTITLES ARE NEEDED FOR THE CUTSCENES.


  A word of warning: this mod is bigger and more detailled than &quot;Nova Unit&quot; and &quot;Genesis&quot;  were. If there are any slowdowns during the game, just turn off &apos;dynamic glow&apos; (the nasty FPS killer for older computers) in the &apos;video options&apos; menu. 
Gameplay notes:

  In Privateer, the player is given the opportunity to complete several side quests. As in any RPG, kotor for example, there is a reward for each of these quests: weapons and ammunitions, new force powers, etc... These side quests will help Nina to reach her objectives.  

Original story:

Larry Mcbruce

Mapping and scripting:

Larry McBruce

Custom textures and menus:

Larry McBruce

Beta testers and advisors:

The people at
Lasse &apos;Lassev&apos; Vääriskoski

Additional testing:

craig &apos;Wokky&apos; Yates
Inyri Forge
Special thanks:

Craig Yates
Inyri Forge
Simon &apos;Kengo&apos; Williams

Very special thanks:

Raven software
George Lucas

Legal mentions:

NOTE: No materials contained herein may be used without the written consent of the author. 


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