Star Wars Saga Ultimate Hilt Pack

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A saber pack by broken hope that promises all the saber hilts from the 6 films besides sidious'. This is what I've been waiting for personally, a saber pack by broken hope that puts all his work into one easily downloaded pack. You can choose if the hilts overwrite or put new ones in.

A great pack, keep up the good work!




Star Wars Saga Ultimate Hilt Pack

Author- broken_hope

This is every Hilt from all 6 movies minus the Sidious hilt due to the fact that there arent any good images of it yet. Half of these hilts have been re-modelled & scaled correctly to actual appearence & the other half built from scratch.

I included two versions, One for the servers to run & one that overwrites defaults for use on any server. Although many of the hilts use the same number i recommend you use one at a time when using default overwrites.

The Hilts...

Obiwan Ep1,Ep2,Ep3 & Ep4
Windu Ep1 & Ep2
Anakin Ep2 & Ep3
5 Prequel Hilts
Luke Ep5
Luke Ep6

Installation- Put pk3's of your choice in your Jedi Academy/gamedata/base folder

Credit to Alaris, MoneyKungFu & The Fallenangel for model parts.

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