Star Wars: The Mystery Shadow

Wow. That’s the first think I have to say about this film. Reviews have to have more than just a single word in them however, so I will expl...


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Wow. That’s the first think I have to say about this film. Reviews have to have more than just a single word in them however, so I will explain. :P

This movie starts off the way any Star Wars movie does, with the opening titles and the text crawl which explains the story. To sum the story up, a Jedi Master has gone rogue and turned bad guy, and a young nipper who was his Padawan has to go find, and confront him. What follows is probably one of the best JKA lightsaber duels I have ever seen.

The duel itself pretty much takes up most of the movie, which is almost 10 minutes long. The duel lasts for around 7 minutes I think, which is longer than most of the duels in the actual Star Wars movies probably were! It is non-stop action, which is very well choreographed and executed and superbly filmed. The camera angles used and the way the scenes are cut together are very reminiscent of the actual way the Star Wars movies are made, and the fight scene especially reminded me of the Qui-Gon Vs Maul duel in Episode 1.

Since the title of the movie suggests this is Episode 1 and thus that there will be other ‘sequels’ is great. I won’t spoil the ending (mwahaha!) but I will say that this is definitely deserving of a sequel. I would also like to say a big well done to the person who did the CGI sequences in the film (there are some CGI scenes and effects mixed with the JKA footage) since they look great and are well merged with the rest of the film.

There are some areas where I feel improvement is needed however. A big problem was that I could barely hear the dialogue, as it was quite muffled. Definitely more dialogue, and also much clearer dialogue is needed for next time around, because I could not understand properly what the characters were saying. Also, the opening text crawl needs to lined up a bit better, as on the right hand side there was no margin for where the text should end, and so it went quite near the edge of the screen on the right hand side. Whereas on the left hand side all the lines of text were nicely aligned.

I also think the music needed to be blended in better where two ends of a track merged, as the change between the two tracks was a little too noticeable at times.

All in all though this is a great movie. The majority of the movie is the saber duel, so that doesn’t leave much room for the characters to speak or explain the story though, so I would like to see more dialogue and explanation of the story if there is a sequel. Nevertheless this is a really fun movie to watch, and I would definitely recommend a download! :D


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Title:Star Wars The Mystery Shadow
Director:Shimi Zaki
Cast: Jamus Kevari
      Rash Loist

CloudVision Productions 2008©

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Main Plot: Power has enraged across the galaxy. Former Jedi Master Baro Kalv has found the secret to the enternal power of the force. Allowing him to affect the very users of the force to kill, and cause chaos around the galaxy.

Havex Welium now a Jedi KNight and a former Padawan to Baro Kalv. Has been sent by an outcasted Jedi Master to find and hunt down former Jedi Baro Kalv

The only being stopping Baro Kalv to be sucessful is Jedi Knight Havex Welium. If the Jedi KNight Follows his written destiny only then he can prevent further chaos...

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