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Well here we have another version of the Stargate Atlantis map. I remember a while ago I reviewed another version of a Stargate Atlantis map...


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Well here we have another version of the Stargate Atlantis map. I remember a while ago I reviewed another version of a Stargate Atlantis map. As I was loading it up I was wondering how similar this was going to be to the last one I reviewed. As last time, the first thing that hit me when I explored this map was that its HUGE!

There really is plenty of things to do in this map, there’s plenty of places to explore, and a feature that I always love in a map….flyable custom vehicles!

Let me start off with the main area, unlike last time, now I have been able to actually watch some of Stargate Atlantis on the TV, so now I have the advantage of knowing more about what the main area looks like in the program.

The place you start off in is rather barren, and there’s nothing but snow and fog all around, but I presume its supposed to be in Antarctica or something? So I suppose that would be quite realistic for the setting! Mind you, if you explore a bit, you will come to a small rocky area, that is filled with Wampas! Now I don’t think there are really Wampas in Antarctica…so lets just say they are Polar Bears ;)

Once through the Stargate (hopefully with no Wampas following lol) you will end up in the main area of the Atlantis City complex thing (or whatever this Atlantis thing is supposed to be :S well sorry :P…I didn’t see THAT much of the program, so I still don’t know what it is, just what it looks like lol). There are quite a few cool features in this area, the architecture is good, and it does indeed look like the setting in the TV show, I love the cool bluish windows at the opposite end to where the Stargate is, and the great skybox! Go up to the main control area, and there is a button you can push which seals the Stargate with what looks like a force field version of the ‘Iris’ from the original Stargate Series.

I remember in the last SG Atlantis map I reviewed, when you come through the Stargate, on the left side of the large area you come into was some kind of conference room. But when I looked around this map, I couldn’t find it! There was just a wall there…or so I thought… I had a hunch…so I pressed my use button on the ‘wall’ and hey presto, it opened up to reveal a large conference room type area behind it! The way the wall just opened up was sooo cool. Absolutely brilliant!

Travel up some stairs on your right as you come through the Stargate, and you will end up in what can only be described as a hangar for Puddle Jumpers I *think* they are called. The real skill here is actually getting the things out of the hangar! Its pretty difficult to take off in such a small place and then get out of the roof opening without blowing up! But once outside there is PLENTY of room to have an air battle, there’s even some turbo laser turrets scattered around to make things more interesting.

Overall there were a lot of cool things in this map, which included some subtle things that just make it look better, like the patterns in the glass that look a bit like etching or something.

But as with all maps there are always things that can be improved upon. Even for all the good points, there is still quite a lot of stuff that could be done to this map to improve it.

Overall the lighting isn’t too bad, but in some places its very harsh, and bright, and it doesn’t appear to be coming from an actual light source, like a light on the ceiling or anything, it sometimes just looks like its floating. However, with all the different kinds of light fittings spread out in this map, I imagine the lighting would be quite difficult anyway.

Probably the biggest problem though is the large amount of z-fighting (for anyone who doesn’t know what that means its when two objects, like say walls, occupy the same space, so as you move through the room the wall will appear to flicker. Because there are 2 walls in exactly the same area, the game doesn’t know which one to draw or something like that. Correct me if I’m wrong lol).

The fps is also quite bad in places, but that’s understandable with a map this size. Oh and also, there no music! :(

Not a bad map here, like with the last Stargate Atlantis map, if your into the TV program you might like this ;)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF


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Download '' (25.17MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE**: SGaJA (Stargate Atlantis - jedi Academy)
E-MAIL**: lordrive1@gmail.vom

FILENAMES: sgaja.pk3, sgaja_jumper.pk3, sgaja_weapons.pk3;
DATE RELEASED: 5 November 2005

Models: WadeV1589 

Sounds: WadeV1589 & LORd_RiVE

Puddle Jumper: 
- Model & Textures: DaAan
- Conversion: DCz_Power, Andy, Manquesa
- Animations: Manquesa
- Other little things: Casper

- Model: Spezz
- Magazine + Reciever Mesh = Bi0hazard
- Body Mesh = pr0d!gy
- UVW Map = -X-
- Special thx. to ZevenVII
- sounds Hatrus UWP
- blood mods for jo & ja

Staff weapon, Zat, c4 and Goa'uld grenades:
- GarethBTheKing

NOTES:If you want to use this map without any bugs, please cut all stargate maps (SGEgyptJA, SG4RealJA) from the base directory and place it in another folder.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place ALL PK3's in Gamedata\base\ and either use the console (type in /map new_sgaja) or select it from the in-game browser.

DESCRIPTION:This is a map from the tv show Stargate Atlantis....

BUGS: don't know....if you find some, tell me ;)

COMMENTS: the are 2 more pk3's in the package, the Jumper is required to use the map, but the weapons mod is just an expansion to make the map more look like in the show. ;)


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