Stargate Jaffa Pack

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honest. With all the great JKA Stargate maps that have appeared over the years (some are on here, some aren't, and some you don't even know about *HINT*), you were also probably wishing, that great looking Jaffa models would've appeared by now...Fanboy prayers answered today! :)By now, you've pretty much guessed what this file is. It is a character model pack, containing Jaffa models, which are actually good (good Jaffa models in JKA?! :eek: ). And not only that, great textures and new sounds have also been made for them as well! Anyone of you, that has followed Stargate SG-1 as closely as I have, will recognise all the faction symbols on their foreheads. There is a distinct lack of Apophis's guards though, if you don't count Teal'c (he's in here too, but not in US Air Force fatigues). Infact, Teal'c is the only guard in this pack, rocking the First Prime tattoo (gold poured and dried into a carved wound on a chosen Jaffas' head).Other things I really like about this pack, is the inclusion of the Apophis serpent guard helmet. But like I said before, no-one is rockin' the Apophis head tattoo besides Teal'c. The armour also comes with red highlights as an option, to reflect Apophis's rogue status after he took control of some of Sokar's Jaffa, after he escaped from Netu (The Devil You Know, season 3, episode 13).And for all you fans of the original movie out there (me included), Ra's personal guard (Horus and Anubis Guards) make an appearance in this pack as well. :)Model and texture wise, because of the way the JKA character skeleton is, naturally, you are going to get some minor issues, but they are outweighed by the quality of the whole pack. Single player support is also included, but not for all the model types in this pack. You'll only be able to use the red and silver armour variants for single player. The mouths do move in single player, but it is a bit freaky looking...There are no team colours in MP though, so you can't have Jaffa running around in blue armour or anything like that... :(New Sounds: YesBot Support: YesTeam Support: NoNPC Support: YesNew Models: YesNew Textures: Yes-SuperSmeg


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