Hot on the heels of his very recently released Starkiller skin, Raziel here brings us an update to his skin. Now, I haven’t tried the previo...


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Hot on the heels of his very recently released Starkiller skin, Raziel here brings us an update to his skin. Now, I haven’t tried the previous version yet, so I don’t know what changes have been made, thus I will review it as a new skin.

Now, there have been rather a lot of Starkiller skins recently, and with The Force Unleashed nearing released we will no doubt get more skins based off the characters in the game. Looking at the skin, it does indeed look like Starkiller from the new game, and I feel the choice of HapSlash’s Anakin Skywalker model to reskin was a good idea. The armour looks good, and the face does look like that of the character.

Added to that we have team skins, although these don’t feature the distinctive armour, just Jedi robes. For the red team we have a pale faced red eyed scary looking version of Starkiller, and for the blue team we have a much more Jedi looking version. The taunts seem to be from the default Reborn soundset, however I feel they fit well with the skin.

Now, things that could be improved upon. Personally, though I think the team skins are good, I do feel that there should have been some red and blue versions of the default skin also, since people may not recognise the blue and red team skins as representing Starkiller.

All in all then another good Starkiller skin here, although I feel there could be some improvements made. Give it a download if you like the look of it! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support:No Team Support: Yes


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Download '' (3.75MB)

Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Starkiller
AUTHOR: Raziel
FILENAME: Starkiller
DATE CREATED: August 10th 08
DATE RELEASED: August 29th 08

CREDITS: Credits go to HapSlash for the model, and to Roel since i reused a texture or 2 from his star kller skin 
also credits to spankie For the Hair Texture lol
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder

DESCRIPTION: All of the skins of him i could find didn't look like him to me so i so i started to make my own
changes his face using a photo of Sam Witwer and redoing the face texture completely  
to make it look more like it's actually him 

Changed the armor to make it look more like what he has
changed his hair completely 
credits to spankie for hair texture ^.^
also changed the texture of his torso clothes and his arms 
i hope to give this npc support and Sp Support if i can ever get it to work in Sp
and i don't even know how to give it npc support but i figure i can find out how from somewhere before the 
next version comes out

BUGS: the model it self pretty much makes parts of it just look wierd but i cant find any way to fix it =p

COMMENTS: I used HapSlash his "HS Anakin Skywalker" model for this.
For the skinning i used my own textures and reused some of Roels and possibly spankie's.
i worked on this for awhile trying to get it to look as much like vaders Apprentice as i could 
and since this is only my second skin i think it turned out pretty good.

i have been trying to get this to work in Sp also but haven't been able 2 so if anyone would like to do that
i would very much appreciate it
i tired for days and followed tutorials word for word but for some reason it never shows up in the player creation  screen =p


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