Well what we have here is a duel map centered around a crashed ship and a lighthouse. While it may be a small map, it's not all that bad, i...


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Well what we have here is a duel map centered around a crashed ship and a lighthouse. While it may be a small map, it's not all that bad, if you like a mix of water/land/jumping duels.

Basically, this map consists of a small island, a lighthouse, and a couple other tiny islands, and it topped off with a crashed rebel smuggler ship. The rebel ship is the supposed "crashed ship", but to tell the truth, I was expecting something a little bigger. Anyways, you can't go into the lighthouse, and there's a small tree coming off the ground right below the lighthouse, but when I went to jump on it, it wasn't solid. That made me sad. Anyways, besides that, there wasn't much lighting in the map. If you're having a map based around a light house, wouldn't some ambient light come from the lighthouse's beam? It should, but none of that happens here. Yes, it's in the night, but some light should be coming from the light house.

So, basically, my main tips are to work on lighting, maybe make the island a bit bigger, and actually put in a light beam for the lighthouse. Oh, and make is so you can stand on the tree.

Bot Support: Yes New Music: Yes New Models: No New Textures: No (there is a textures folder, but there's nothing in it. :/ ) Gametypes: Duel


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Game: Jedi Academy
Type: Duel


This is my third released map.  I really think that I only release maps when I feel I need other's opinions.  Constructive criticism please! Criticize away!  It's small.  It's a little baby map.  Teehee!


Custom Sounds: NO
Custom Music: YES
Custom Textures: YES
Bot Support: YES


Any questions, comments, concerns, et cetera

send them to


I feel like I have to designate a section in regards towards JK3files.  It's a great site with a great staff, who always give great opinions and reviews for the crap we send in.  Let's give them all a hand yes?  No other site reviews files and does all the neat things that they do.


Thank you.


Legal stuff.

This mod is not supported by Lucasarts, Raven, or anyone else. Nor is it supported in any way shape or form by the band Incubus nor any Incubus members or other personell.

This mod is not to be edited or redistributed without my direct consent.

Stellar is copyright Incubus 1999, Sony Records

Buy albums! Support the artists!

Enjoy the map!

--Renegade of Funk

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