Stormtrooper Startup Screen



The author of this mod feels that the Stormtrooper just doesn't get enough of the spotlight. Isn't it time that changed? This is a good beginning. A startup screen that features a Stormtrooper and some Stormtrooper sounds. It's a bit of a dark startup screen, but it looks good. It would've been nice to have seen the buttons changed because I just really have a hard time with bright red and blue together like that. In my opinion, they really clash. Aside from that, good job. :)





This is the first file I have ever submitted for Jedi Academy.  
I am very proud of this.  It took me time to find the perfect picture for this.  
I wanted something real, not computer drawn.  I came across this picture while looking for my sound files, 
surprisingly enough.  Anyway the sound files are all custom.

I felt like the stormtrooper was really underated, like he never got any credit, so thats why I did this screen.
And he was there all the time, so why not give him the role of a lifetime on the startup of Jedi Knight?

Sound List

Open JA --  Stormtrooper asking Obi-wan and Luke for their ID.
Push back or exit -- Stormtrooper telling Vader that the Death Star plans are not in the computer.
Push Single or Multi Player -- Stormtrooper telling fellow officers to set guns for stun.

Put all these files into the following folder:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\Install

Enjoy your new start-up screen, I enjoyed making it for you.


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