Stranger Lights

WARNING: This map contains moving lights.I couldn't decide for a while whether I wanted to put this under multiple game mods...


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WARNING: This map contains moving lights.

I couldn't decide for a while whether I wanted to put this under multiple game mods or map packs, but since there are two maps here instead of one with multiple game availabilities, I decided on the latter. As I said, this pack contains two very similar maps: one duel map and one FFA map. The FFA map is basically just an expansion of the duel map.

The first thing that really came to my mind when I tested these out was that the author figured out how to make brushes move and went over the top playing with the map feature. This map didn't really flow for me, and also gave me a slight headache, what with the blue, red, and pulsing. It's a migrane waiting to happen. Unless you like tricky footing, the gameplay isn't really designed for you (unless you're good at making precise jumps to avoid all the moving platforms).

In short, this isn't my slice of pie, but it certainly could be yours. Just be ready for some bold colors and architecture. If you enjoy subtlety, as I do, steer towards other maps.

I still agree with myself that this map is anything but subtle. The rest of the points I'm ready to ease up on, though. I didn't have a migrane when I finished testing it, so that's a bonus. The map also had a great feeling of cohesion which means that the lack of gameplay flow has been fixed. It also seems to me like all of the gameplay features are far more enhanced. You can actually play on this map, and you won't have to worry too much! Just don't fall off the balcony thing... that's the one thing I really disliked in this map because you can fall off and see the disarray that is the outside of the map.

In any case, the map is greatly improved from the first version. Instead of simply looking like a crazy mish mosh of brushes this actually looks like it could be some kind of high-tech hideout which, lemme tell ya, is a better place for the author to be than just looking like a jumble. The music, although too technoy for my tastes, goes pretty well with the theme of the map, and the ambiance, though dark, is very fitting and helps make the map look pretty nice in this reviewer's humble opinion. Definitely leaps and bounds over the last version.

Big disappointment: no bot support! Bummer. Some nice person should e-mail us a bot routing tutorial that we can put up since the only one I know of seems to be gone *hinthint*. In any case this is probably minor, although it would have certainly been a nice treat.

Don't want the moving lights? Download the non-strobed version here.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Music: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Stranger Lights

CREDITS: The map was made by me.  The music is a remix I made based on the song 'Not Much of Anything' which was originally written by LionNinja.  THe remix was made, and is used with his expressed permission.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Take the .pk3 file, put it in the base folder (in gamedata).


This is the other version of my remake of 'Strange'.
Most bugs are gone.
It looks quite a bit better.
This is the version WITH strobe lights!  I'm not sure which looks better, so I decided to make both (no migrane for you Inyri).

BUGS: A few with the walls..... nothing major.

COMMENTS: This map was lots of fun to make!  I plan to release the .map file after I am completely done with the project (I still plan on making another version of it with more improvements).  Email me with questions / comments.


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