In case you missed version one of Streets: I remember seeing screenshots of this map during production, and I have to say the lighti...


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In case you missed version one of Streets:

I remember seeing screenshots of this map during production, and I have to say the lighting makes all the difference. However I say that from the perspective of someone who had to turn the brightness all the way up to even be able to see the textures. For as many streetlights as there are in this map it's incredibly dark! It's a shame as well because once you do turn the brightness up and are able to see the texturing it's actually a very nice looking map. The archtecture is quite nice - the curbs along the street are not perfectly straight, there are railings, fences, walls, a graveyard, and of course a large church, complete with bell tower and stained glass windows.

Another technical error with the map: the bot support. This is a killer... he named the botroutes folder "bot routes" by mistake, so his botroute data is missing. Whoopsies! Perhaps he will fix that along with his lighting for a version two... and maybe we could also talk him into a new skybox, since I don't think France, Germany, or Holland has a gas giant on their horizon.

Other than these couple of errors I found that I really enjoyed the map. There's plenty of space, and it's just a nice-looking map. I do hope the author fixes these problems so it can be even more enjoyable. Well done map - just needs a little more attention!

The lighting and bot problems have both been fixed, and a new skybox was added. However I don't feel like everything is completely fixed. The map is still extraordinarily dark, given how many streetlamps they are. Even at dusk, when you've got that many burning lamps it's going to be brighter. Secondly for a dusk map the sun is quite high in the sky. An actual custom skybox would've fit much better here - Terragen probably could've created something a bit closer to what the author was looking for. Overall, though, it's a vast improvement over version one and you'll be able to appreciate the map that much more.

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes


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Map Name                : Desert
Author                  : Eiji91
Email Address           : [email protected]
Map description         : Streets of a Europe based city, at day-break, ranging from the Church of Thann, to Rothenburg style streets and roofs (somewhat...), to Utrecht waterways & cafe. (in order of appearance; nations: France, Germany, and Holland. (France, Deutschland, Nederlands))

Other info              : This is a final go with this map, I will probably make a more France themed map later on to practice building names for my French class, and have more things to do (ie: trainstation, being able to go inside more buildings, and possibly more destructability >:D) The levelshot was being increadably <censor> program, and would not accept anything else besides 256x256... thus being, the image lacks some. If I find the acutal aceptable ranges, the next map will have this fix. My appologies. It gives nothing to how the map actualy looks.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, and a great website that helped me greatly with music, ; They were very helpull and nice. Thanks!

Thanks to               : Jedi_Goon, other friends and family for giving me pictures of Europe, emotional support to finish map, and the people at for some... 'helpfull' pestering about lights..., 'wootcolors' for being a tester of my map, thank you very much, and anyone else I fail to mention, thank you.
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : No
New Skins               : No
New Objects             : No

* Construction *
Total Brush Count       : 6697 brushes
Net Brush Count (non entity) : 6172
Entity Count            : 513 entities
Base info               : All by me, including textures and the like... I don't think there is a singal base texture in that map...

Software used           : GTKRadiant 1.4.0
Known Bugs              : Edges of roofs/houses look like your looking into cualk, when in actuality it is the sky, but the main focus of the map is on the streets... not in the tower. Lags like h3ll on slow machines, apparently. Reasons why no flicker lights.
Build Time              : As jedi_Goon put it (I honestly did not rememeber...) &quot; 'bout three months&quot;

* How to use this map *

Put the desert.pk3 in your base directory. Start up multiplayer, and the map should be in the list of maps for (T)FFA. And is NPC routed for SP if you so disired to play it there.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Send me an email if you would like to edit/use Streets other then the intential purpose of to play on.
I am not responsible if this map does anything besides the intended purpose of to entertain. Use at own risk.

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