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This is a little botfile mod which adds (5 I think) new bots to the multiplayer game. They're all combinations of the students you can make...


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This is a little botfile mod which adds (5 I think) new bots to the multiplayer game. They're all combinations of the students you can make when you start SP mode, so you can play them online. At the moment they come preset though, which means you will always one of the same five bots. Hopefuly in the futureit will be completely random. This is a very good idea for a mod, and I hope the author manages to get the random scripts working :) The problem for some is that it isn't in a pk3, you wither need to make the actual botfiles folder or let winzip do it for you. I think people may find it more preferable if it had have been in a pk3.

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (2KB)

Jedi Academy Studen Body Botfile(s)
Created by: Raijin1999
Email: [email protected]

Filesize: 1.82 kb

How to install: Unzip this file with winzip or winrar (found
as free downloads at or and
extract the pk3 into your Jedi Academy gamedata/base folder.
That's it, create a multiplayer game and the student bots will
be available. I figured it couldn't really be jedi academy without
a bit more student bots right?

Here's the kicker though. I did this while I was experimenting around
with tweaks and such, as I love doing with Jedi Outcast. It's a bit
of a hassle, but i'd like to know if somebody can help me figure this
bit out. (So we can make even more students, etc)

I opened the NPC folder inside assets1 extension data folder, and
wanted to see what the innards of the jedi_random npc spawn cheat
looked like. It's in there, and from what I can tell it has a pre
set of characters and character parts to randomly get the computer
to load such random characters when using the npc spawn jedi_random
cheat. I thought it might be worth trying to make a bot out of all
cool lookin' combinations, but I failed. All I could get is one
bot for only one type of custom character, IE: one human female, one
twilek, one zabrak, one keldor, one rodian. No combinations worked,
yet sometimes when starting gameplay i'd notice they work, only when
that character dies, their model reverts to a certain character, and
all players of that type (let's say human female), will all end off
looking the same. So until I can figure this, this student body set
can only inlcude one of each. *I'm basically trying to make it so
we can all make our own custom characters, say whoever we feel a
Jaden might look like or whatever, and add them to the bot arsenal.
(and of course, control their weaponry, cut down on all that double
and dual saber nonsense).

Anyhow, to see roughly what i did to get this working, try checkin' out
that NPC folder and open the jedi_random npc to see the script works, then
check out the student body bot file. Figuring out how to get the custom
skin command line working for various colors of costume and body parts is
what appears to be messy, if not possible at all. Anyhow, also included
in this pack is a bit of homage to da man, Luke Skywalker, who's gotten
walked all over by other bots in JKII and JKIII.

So if anybody plans on helping me, or wants to make additions to this file,
you can email me at [email protected] and we'll see what we can do.

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