Sultanate of Ruusan

Yes, I know this map has been out for a while. It's been sitting in our Inbox way too long. No idea why it was never reviewed. Someone's h...


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Yes, I know this map has been out for a while. It's been sitting in our Inbox way too long. No idea why it was never reviewed. Someone's head will roll.

Anyhow, this is one of those maps that you have to play a real FFA on to appreciate. Like, with guns, y'know? And lots of people. It's a pretty map, and while it appears dark from the screenshots, it's not nearly that dark in-game. One of the coolest things in this map has to be the room that has the spinning model in it. You have to see it. It's perfect for this map. And then there's a Ragnos NPC that you can release and fight. A fair warning though, it will respawn elsewhere in the map - so only release it if you want to fight it again and again.

This is a beautiful, dark map with great textures, and full bot support. You can't ask for more than this. Oh, well, I guess we could ask for it to be a CTF or Siege map, but oh well. ;)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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July 27th 2004
Map Name   : "Sultanate of Ruusan"
Author     :  Lord Kaan 
Email      :
Website    :

Map description: - For JA. Created for true FFA & Team Deathmatch, full force, all weapons gameplay. Preferred settings and milage may vary, but I hope you give it a shot and TRY to have fun playing it. Complete with full bot support.
Authors Notes: - Alrighty. There are four secret areas. The entraped spirit of Marka Ragnos is in the Sultanate. He may be released and attacked, subjecting all players, even in team deathmatch, to his wrath. Once loosed, "Killing" him results in his re-spawning free. If players prefer to keep him "out of the action", simply do not release and attack him.

Lighting: - default gamma settings vary from video card to video card and mine tends to be "lighter" than most. So at a minimum, it's important to follow the games instructions and adjust your gamma slider where you can barely see the number "6" on the scale. 

Music: - "SongWithNoName" © icldesigns, may not be used or modified in any form without permission. Visit or contact them: or

Custom Textures: - Some I made. Others by Evil_Lair and Kiltron. 

Custom Models: - Xaero/Death Monger model by Oakshiro.

Beta testors:

- Darth T-bone
- Tyrant
- Lazarus
- UJ
- Rumor
- Jabba
- Reflex
- Steve

Additional Credits to:

- Darth T-bone: - Spawn placements, bot routing, Use of his server for testing and his constant support and friendship.

Thanks to:

- Ydnar: - for q3map2. Ever clever.

*Play Information*

New Sounds   : NO 
New Textures : Yes    
New Models   : Yes 
Bot Support  : Always
New Music    : Yes 


Built with the 1.01 patch installed

Brush Count             : 4320
Entity Count            : 447
Meshes                  : 457
Base info               : designed from scratch.
Software used           : GTK Radiant, Photoshop, PSP 
Known Bugs              : None known
Build Time              : A few weeks (includes beta testing time).
Compile Time            : don't remember - I went for another beer :-)  
Developement Machine    : AMD 2.4GHZ, GF4 Ti 4600, 1GB 333mhz ddr                           

*How to use this map*

Place the sultanateofruusan.pk3 into your base folder and select from the ingame menu. To un-install delete the sultanateofruusan.pk3 from the base folder. 

*Copyright / Permissions*


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