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Note: This is in .RAR format and you will need a .rar file opener to open this. The Super Heroes Skin Pack has arrived! o_O It...


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File Description

Note: This is in .RAR format and you will need a .rar file opener to open this.

The Super Heroes Skin Pack has arrived! o_O

It consists of four skins: Rosh - Mr.Freeze Kyle - The Green Warrior Shadow Trooper - Flying Man (Author's own design) Jedi - Engima

Now, onto the reviews.

Mr. Freeze - I think I could say what has been done here - the head has been desaturated and the eye colour has been changed to red. The torso down has had the colour turned to blue and the saturation turned up, which I am guessing is why the belt has all those multi-coloured pixels. No new sounds. Mr.Freeze = Blue, Rosh = Blue. Works, I guess.

The Green Warrior - Probably the one I thought looked the best - as the author put it

Kyle Katarn in a new super hero role.

His torso down have been altered - All black with a green belt, a green shoulder pad and a few bits of green here and there. I thought it looked pretty good... until I saw the two letters GW (green warrior) printed on the back of his torso. This ruined it in my opinion, but some of you others may like it, I don't know. No new sounds.

Flying Man - Default : Shadow Trooper with a lot of green sections around him and a full body shader. I thought it looked okay.. until I looked at the front and saw RTA printed above his belt in different colours. I don't even know what that stands for xD Red: EVIL FLYING MAN o_O. Same as above but where it was green it is now red and there is a blue splodge on his back. Blue: AQUA FLYING MAN. ... Same as Default Flying Man but his armour is a light blue water colour *hence the name* and RTA printed above his belt in white letters. He also has a green symbol behind his back. No New sounds. (The symbols and the design of Flying Man remind me of LightSource's Vampire Batman)

Enigma (Batman's Villain): I couldn't find any images of him so I had to rely on my poor memory of him from a film... There's not much to say about this skin; Almost-Solid green overalls with a lot of black question marks around his clothes, red hair, and green markings around his eyes. Enigma Red: Same as above but with a red torso and orange trousers. Enigma Blue: Same as default but with blue overalls. No new sounds.

So, I think it was generally okay, but the printed words on them dropped it down. If you are interested in a super hero skin pack, or simply like the look of them, give it a download!

-Dommie Kun

New sounds: Nope Team Support: Yep Bot Support: Nope

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Put the .pk3 file in your game directory (gamedata/base)


This is a skin pack made by me based on the super-heroes.

*Default: The cracked Batman vilain.
*red: The cracked Batman vilain.
*blue: The cracked Batman vilain.

Flying Man:
*default: My super-hero (created by me).
*red: Evil Flying Man.
*blue: Aqua Flying Man.

*default: Rosh Penin/Mr Freeze, new foe.

The Green Warrior:
*Default: Kyle Katarn as new hero.

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