Super Perfect Episode III Blades

Blades rating: * * (out of four) JediMaster SW is back with another claim to his mod being perfect—this time, "super perfect." This ti...


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File Description

Blades rating: * * (out of four)

JediMaster SW is back with another claim to his mod being perfect—this time, "super perfect." This time around, though, I'm not so sure he hit it. "Super Perfect Episode III Blades" tries to replicate the blades seen in "Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith," and it's probably the most accurate blade mod for Episode III, but just not good enough.

Episode III's blades are designed slightly differently from other films in the saga. They are fairly thick in core and in glow, the end of the blade arcs to a medium-sharp point, and the glow arcs the same way, with the tip of the core and the glow ending at generally the same place. All previous mods fail to achieve accuracy to the film is in the shape of the glow. None have been able to make the glow go to the right place at the tip of the blade; they all extend far past where it should be. This mod, unfortunately, does not correct this problem. The core ends in a point, and then the glow goes too far out and ends with too round a tip. (See diagram in screenshot three for visual explanation.)

It's a common problem that no one seems to fix, but aside from that, there are still good features of the mod. The proportions of the blades are, as I said, the most accurate I've seen in width of core and glow. However, there is another problem that only this mod seems to have, and that is that it just doesn't look good in-game. Perhaps the images that he used were low quality, or his resolution was too high, but, although they are not blurry, they are not smooth as they are in other mods and in the film. The blades seem to have rough edges where there should be clean curves. They looked, to me, as if the blades were being displayed on an old television with static problems.

They didn't hit the mark. Sorry, but "Super Perfect Episode III Blades" stop quite short of perfect. They just need to look better, and I don't know if the engine doesn't allow it, but will someone ever try to make truly accurate Episode III blades? This mod gives me hope, but until next time, I can only wait.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Super Perfect EpIII Blades 
AUTHOR: JediMaster SW 
E-MAIL: /    

FILENAME: Super Perfect EpIII Blades.pk3 
FILESIZE: 59.3 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 11 November 2005 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place the Super Perfect EpIII Blades.pk3 in your Jedi Academy\Gamedata\Base folder 
DESCRIPTION: I didn't like the standard blades so I made these ones. I would use dynamic glow for best effects!


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