Superman + Bonus Superpowers

Wow. This certainly looks cool. It's a reskin of a Count Dooku model into superman! Okay, sure, it doesn't look exactly like superman, but...


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Wow. This certainly looks cool. It's a reskin of a Count Dooku model into superman! Okay, sure, it doesn't look exactly like superman, but it is very close to what superman looks like.

This skin looks pretty god, and I only have a few issues with it. First off is the face. While it may not look like superman, it looks kind of...freaky...meh. Freaky can be good. The other thing is the "S" on the chest isn't a "S". But this isn't the author's fault. The skin map for the file is a refletion of the chest, so only half the symbol is there. But the skin itself looks cool. But the other effects are cooler.

You get superman's powers! Yes, that's right! The author has tweaked with effects, and used parts from his own DBZ mod to give superman all of his powers! You can fly, use laser vision, and more! This is certainly a cool pack, and I think I'll keep it, just for it's coolness. Sure, it doesn't look like superman, but who cares? You get his superpowers!

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Title			: Superman + Bonus Superpowers
Author			: Sanj
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website			: none

File Name	        : \Superman + Bonus

Description		: Well...its a superman skin of the Count Dooku model by Kman, Darth Tyranus, Grafoxm, Toonces, Luuke and Loran!...and hes got superpowers! (Separate PK3)
			 This skin's outfit is BASED on the Superman Returns outfit, but its not an exact duplicate. Another thing...look at the OUTFIT, not the face..:P Due to the original model i can't make him look like Brandon Routh, Christopher Reeve or even Tom Welling. The superman skin comes with red and blue versions. (Ironic considering that he is pretty much red and blue) 
			 Shaders are also applied to the skin to give his cape and boots a leathery look, his belt a metallic look, and his blue tights a subtle shine. I hope this superman is a suitable substitute until someone decides to make an actual model. 

Installation	 	: Place the pk3's in your base folder...which is in your gamedata folder...

Super powers		: Well superman only has a couple superpowers...and it should all be here including flight, super strength, laser eyes and wind breath thingy...all except X-ray vision know...and super speed because thats already in the game. 

			Laser Eyes: Replaces the Blaster. 
			Power breath (Have no clue on actual names, so sorry :P): Replaces the repeater. 
			For flight, make sure cheats are on. Do this by going to the console and typing /devmap <map name>, e.g. /devmap mp/ffa3 . Then go to console again and type /give all and notice that the jetpack doesn't appear, but you can still fly! With new animations (actually re-used ones from the DBZ-mod :P...).

			And now for the &quot;super strength&quot;...well if you go to two hand saber selection (the one where you have a saber in each hand...not the darth maul-a-like one), and choose the &quot;Super Strength&quot; saber for each hand, you now possess the strength of a Kryptonian!...Do not choose the &quot;normal strength&quot; saber...i will touch on that a little later.
			So whats the diff between the normal and super strength sabers? Well go to the console and type /npc spawn meleereborn . You have spawned a &quot;melee&quot; reborn that uses normal strength. So go on and hit him one using your super strength and watch him go flying! If you don't make him go flying the first time, keep trying, it's most likley that he is blocking or you aren't giving him a direct hit...:P Its fun when you spawn like 10 meleereborns and you knock em flying one by one :P. 

Known Bugs 		: Ok, where to start lol. YES I KNOW HIS CREST DOESNT LOOK LIKE AN S!!! Open up the pk3, and look at the torso .jpg and you will see for yourself why. 
			The original model has a little skirt thing around its waist...and i tried to hide it with some clever shading and use-of-shaders...not bad eh! 
			The face doesnt look like Brandon Routh, Christopher Reeve or even Tom Welling...because of the original model...OK
			Because i changed the animations of the laser eye and power breath attacks, the animations for most of the guns has changed to the new animations, so it looks kinda weird when you fire a DEMP or bowcaster etc...:P 
			Theres a faint jetpack sound when superman flys. 

Credits			:Thanks to Kman, Darth Tyranus, Grafoxm, Toonces, Luuke and Loran who made the Dooku model.  


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