Surf Turbo 2

The objective of this map is to surf all the way to the end. Not as easy, or fun, as it sounds.

While the concept is nice, there are two...


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The objective of this map is to surf all the way to the end. Not as easy, or fun, as it sounds.

While the concept is nice, there are two major problems I can see before even reviewing the map. The first is that the 'slick' shader is used to give the surfing illusion. While moving over the slick shader, you have little to no control over your movement, so you can't possibly prevent yourself from falling off the platforms. The second is that, as a result of the first problem, you can't make it to the end. I had to noclip around the map just so that I could see more than 2% of it.

The map itself consists of a bunch of sloped platforms in mid air, an admin room somewhere which apparently gives you two ways to kill everything in the map, a prison, a bouncy castle, Heaven, Hell, a room with a big pit, and a room with a few guns in it which kills you everytime you go inside.

Errors are the most common thing in this map. First, all but a handful of textures are missing. Second, none of the buttons in the map work. Third, the map has only been compiled at the -meta phase, and that's the biggy - maps should always be released on a full compile, i.e. you should recompile your map at every phase in turn, starting from -meta phase and working your way to the full compile one phase at a time.

Advice for the author? First, architecture. You need to make something a bit more interesting in the map - the whole thing felt bland and tacky for me. Texturing is something you should look at, including usage, placement AND alignment. The textures you've used in some cases are completely wrong - in one spot you used the texture for a light fitting as a floor texture.

OK, I'm going to stop now, before I have to get too negative.

If you think you might enjoy this map, then the download link is there. But, this one's a no-brainer really, I'm sorry to say.

~ Kouen

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Download '' (9.73MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Surf Turbo 2
Made by Kenobifett
WEBSITE: none yet

FILENAME: Surf_Turbo_2.pk3
FILESIZE: 9,962 kb
DATE RELEASED: 23/5/2006

CREDITS: HUGE thanks to Jango for making one section of the map and thanks to la-z-boy and Jango again for helping me BETA test it. Credits also go to Sith-J-Cull for a borrowed lava texture and shader.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract all files to your Gamedata/Base folder

Surfing was an idea inspired by surfing in counter-strike, accept my ones have a twist :D

This map includes a ton of ramps with heaps of different directions (too many to remember). It has a hell, a heaven, a starting platform (with two sides), a middle section (for when you make it to the end), a jail, a shaft thing (with an armory and jumping castle (this bit was made by Jango), an admin room (you can gas the whole map slowly or turn the turbolasers on) and a spike pit!

BUGS: None found so far (please email me if you find any)


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