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IZaNaGI's first Survival Mod was a huge hit. I think players were finally happy to have a single player mod that gave them a bit of a challenge. That was for JK2. For Jedi Academy comes Survival Mod 2: Revenge of the Droids. I'll admit that I cheated while playing this and I still didn't get past like, the second room (when I played as Immy). The enemies just keep coming! You can play as four seperate characters and it looks like each one of them has a different map that you play through. I only tested Immy and the Clonetrooper.

I don't know how long it took IZaNaGI to make this mod, but he put an incredible amount of work into this. Yes it's a large download. Stop whining and download it. If you enjoy single player stuff, then you're going to love this. If you don't cheat, then it is quite a challenge. I will probably play through this when I have more time. :) That's two great SP maps/mods that I've reviewed this week. :D




29th August 2004
Survival Mod 2: Revenge Of The Droids
Created by Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde
Build Time: A long time
File Size: 32 MB
Programs used: Adobe Photoshop
		  GTK Radiant
		  A nice cup of Tea =o)


As with IZaNaGI's Survival Mod, this sequal has been made to be at an EXTREME skill level and unless you are a true Jedi Master it's unlikely you will complete it all without Cheat modes. This mod will weed out the n0085 from the 1337 =o)


So it's finished, 4 months of work, several map design, loads of skins, hundreds of emails, a million cups of tea, many NPC's placed, replaced and replaced yet again and this is the result, SURVIVAL MOD 2: Revenge of the Droids. This is the LONG awaited sequal (for some at least) of my original SP mod for Jedi Outcast released in Febuary of 2003 http://jediknight.filefront.com/file.info?ID=11803 and my largest modification to date.
This time set in the prequal era during the height of the clone wars, this project was always going to be difficult, needing new models, weapons and sounds, but parts of the JA community have been so helpful the finished result is brilliant even if i do say so myself.

The story follows four characters which span out over an evening on a distant planet that is home to nothing but a large droid factory. The factory is producing a new kind of battledroid which is capable of lightsaber combat and is even imbued with the force. Its IZaNaGI's and Immy's job with the aid of a elite team of Republic Clone troopers to destroy the factory main control console to disable the droid facility until the republic can have it dismantled. But there is a greater threat then droids at this facility, Asajj Ventress, dark jedi and aid to the seperatists watches over the production to ensure this army of saber droids reaches General Grievous intact.

There are 12 new skins included in this mod that cover over 40 NPCS all of which use some of the best JK models available, from Prophets Battledroid to Antizacs Leela the skins have been massively altered to look correct to the time line and to what they are supposed to represent. The clone for example had weeks spent over getting the armour skin perfect, with Specular and Enviroment shaders added to make them look as perfect as possible. So all in all EVERY skin inside this pack has had just as much attention as the maps and everything else.

Skins Available:

Immy V.3
Clones (4 Variants, Grunt, Commander, ARC, Officer)
Geonosis Battledroid
Saber Droid
Ultima Jango Fett
The Kung Fu Jawa
Ventress Beta

The main menu has also had a complete face lift and re code i have added a new character selection system which isn't as advanced as say the base JA menu but it does its job and was easier to code up each characters different game modes. I have also added a whole new system in the UI, a key code lock, that requires a five digit code to unlock new areas of the menu. This has never been seen in JK land before and although my system is is fairly simple im sure it will spawn many imitators! Also added in the UI is new art work, mostly featuring each character as well as images from the AOTC film. i have also atempted to write out the ingame load and save menus in order to get rid of stepping stone cheats, that create a new save every time they kill a wave of enemys.

The playing arena is set on a distant planet not too disimilar from Geonosis. The general theme of the map is that of a power station built into the back of a huge factory. My intention was to have some of the factory explorable and would of looked similar to the geonosis droid factory but there was no real point cos you couldnt have a decent fight on a conveyor belt if ya know what i mean so i decided to remove it. The main "map" in the mod isnt realy one map but several each one cut down to improve framerate for each game mode/character.

The map's are also very different from each other Immy and IZaNaGI campaign's are built to be purely a Ladder just to see how far you can get, while Clone and Ventress campaigns are a lot shorter but you need to use a bit more brain power to progress. 

Theres a huge array of sounds added into the mod with the fantastic EP 2 sound set created by STARWARS, character sounds ranging from Battledroids to Yoda and even voice acting from me. I act out the few Clone Trooper chatterings that happen from time to time, but i have altered the sounds to give a more gravelly Trooper feel so you can barely recognise it's me. There is also a few peices of music in the bundle, one of which is the duel_temple music from JK2, the Jango Fett: Bounty Hunter theme and music that i believe is from KOTOR (i never played it so ...).

Theres a load of new weapons in here too created by various modders inside the community, mettalic bo staffs, cyber ninja swords and clone rifles feature heavily in the mod as well as my own personal hilt.

Also as i pointed out already theres secrets that can be unlocked by gaining passwords for completing the game, theres 3 secret characters and a secret map to unlock, but dont forget, if you had to use Cheater game modes to find the secrets, your a n00b =oP

All in all i have atempted to modify EVERYTHING im using in this mod, and built JK:JA into a new sub game for all to enjoy, i just hope that people enjoy the work i have put into this and it does well in the future ...


Over 12 skins of some of the greatest models created for JA and JO.
New Menu system and UI.
New Music from the game Star Wars Bounty Hunter and KoToR.
New SP maps.
New textures.
New playable characters/game modes.
Secret Missions.
New weapons taken from some of the best weapon packs available.
New Shaders.
Over 40 new NPC's none overwrite!
Some of the best Sound sets available.
New Voice Acting.
Desktop Icon, for loading mod straight away.
And im sure a lot of stuff i forgot ...


Install the entire Survival Mod 2 file into your Gamedata folder. Load the mod in the mods menu of JK:JA , using the desktop icon provided or using the "start_survival_mod.bat" file provided (this must remain in gamedata folder) for it to run correctly. Always check the readme!!!

Special Thanks

MANY, MANY people have helped in the creation of this mod, with a lot of donated models, scripts, skins, sounds and other great stuff that make this mod near to perfect, i would just like to thank all those that gave me permission to mod there work.

Prophet		: Modelling, skins, bots, sounds etc
Website		: http://www.btinternet.com/~browngreen/

BattleDroid Model

I reskinned his model for use as the grievous saber droid and added environment shaders, i also added specular shaders to the Geonosis droid.


Title			: Clones
Author			: Chris (KapnKeg) Gueterman
E-Mail			: [email protected]

Clone Model

I reskinned this model and added specualar shaders to the armour and environment shaders to the visor.


Author			Revan Dark
Contact:		[email protected]

Revan Dark Weapons

These files are totaly unmodified.


Model Name:		Leela_civ
Model/Import/skins: 	Dan Kapphahn  (DAK, a.k.a Antizac) 
Email: 		    	[email protected]

Leela Jedi/Civilian

Antizac allowed me to reskin the Civ model for Immy, I also totally reskinned the Asajj Ventress skin found on http://www.jedimoves.com created by Yodaminch that i believe uses the L/Jedi Model.


Title 			:Perfect EP2 Saber Sounds II
Author 			: STARWARS
E-Mail 			: [email protected]
Website 		: www.aotctc.com

Saber Sounds

These files were totaly unmodified except adding a few sounds of my own.


Title 			: Ventress Sabers
Author			: Keshire
Inspired by		: thelightsaber.com
E-mail			: [email protected]

Asajj Ventress Saber hilts

Added Environment shaders to both hilts.


V19 Torrent Star Fighter Md3 Static Map Object
Author:  Zymotico ([email protected])

This file is totaly unmodified.


PhotoRealistic Yoda
ZIPPO85 Mail me at: [email protected]

This file is totaly unmodified.


There are also other files in here from unknown authors so i would just like to thank the creators of the Clone Rifle that i found in Kengo's Ocupation mod, The creator of the Westar Pistol (Lucutas and Guigon0007 i think) And there is also the Merc Kyle Model which unfortunately i couldnt get in contact with its creator, but full credit go's to him for the modeling work ...


Title			: Mercenary Kyle
Author			: Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade
E-Mail			: [email protected]
Website		: http://bobley5.tripod.com

Merc Kyle Model

Reskinned this model for use of the IZaNaGI character.

The readmes for every model, skin, weapon and other stuff are all located within the baseSURV2.pk3


Thanks to NeO aka Anders Kjar Sorensen [email protected] for his scripting abilitys, i am unable to create any kind of script cos of a fooked up version of BehavED so he helped by making ALL of the scripts within. Also thanks to all of ={FeTT}= clan for there support throughout the whole project!

I would also like to thank Mars Marshall, although he was unable to allow me use of his republic gunship i appreciate the effort he went to, to try to get permission off AOTC:TC even though its his model =o/

The peeps at http://www.map-review.com, the little help they provided was invaluble in fixing player model bugs, locating mapping resources and a little support for my project.

There are textures inside this mod created by Raven for JK:JO so obviously full credit for those are to them!!

And finally to my beutiful Princess Nicola, with her help and support i created this. She helped by giving me many idea's and loads of advice while the mod was being built and without her it wouldn't of been created!! Fankoo Baby XXX

Survival Tips

Here is just a few tips on how to keep yourself alive when playing through SM2.

Watch your friendly fire, Clones may take a dislike to you if you start killing them.

Go back for friends, NPC's tend to get a little lost, go back for them they are vital to your survival.

Lost? Then smash something, some times you have to make your own exit! Also every playable character has force seeing which is invaluble for finding lost enemys.

Read! The info pop up's are vital to your progress.

Conserve ammo, there are few extra ammo pickups for the Clones.

Each character has special abilitys unique to them, Ventress for example is able to force throw her staff hilt while both blades are lit and Clones have the ability to see enemy health, use these and others to your advantage.

Have fun, its what the mod is made for, if you die try again, nobody is gonna complete this in a hurry (Apart from cheats).

Known Issues

Almost ALL of the model's used inside Survival Mod 2 are made for use in JK:JO AND NOT JA so obviously theres going to be model bugs in there, the most obvious one being Dual Saber style, but heck it doesnt ruin the enjoyment of the mod at all!

I have tried my best to disable saving game, because at the end of the day its cheating when used on a ladder, but theres always gonna be some smart arse that finds a way ... but heck if they do the player models dont load correctly, less a bug more a deterrent.

There are some sound issues inside the Clone campaign which apear due to the Cloaking Battledroids.

Ventress is known to Freeze in saber combat mode when you complete her campaign. To fix this just change weapon.

Due to a reformat nearing the end of the mod i lost all of my .map files =( so i was unable to fix the VERY few clipping issues in the mod, so dont be surprised if you walk through a box or two.

Sometimes for unexplained reasons scripted sequences dont begin.

There may also be a few UI bugs that i may of missed.


Lucasarts, Raven and Activision do NOT support the use of this mod in any way and neither they, nor i will be held responsable for errors it causes!!

I have run extensive tests and i have encountered no problems in using this file apart from the bugs stated above!!!

An awful lot of effort went into the creation of this mod and has took over a part of my life for months, DO NOT try to rip anything out of this mod without asking for permission first. I fully endorse the community learning from my work but i'll get mighty pissed off if i find someone using my work in there own mods without either asking for permission or at least giving me a little credit. Remember that a lot of the models, music and skins are also copyright to other people too, so think before you rip!

Robin Molde 2004
Visit my clan website


[email protected]

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