=_= Upon viewing this malevolent map, I declare it malevolent.

Arriving upon this clan map's scene, we arrive upon two temples: One de...


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=_= Upon viewing this malevolent map, I declare it malevolent.

Arriving upon this clan map's scene, we arrive upon two temples: One dedicated to the Sith, the other to Jedi. First thing I noticed was the music: Halo Theme. Not very fitting for the atmosphere. Fear then <_= as I decided to actually enter the Jedi temple first, because it had sexy anubis jackal statues in front of it. First thing I noticed was the rather delightful tiered water fountain. A very impressive addition. The rest of the temple consisted primarily of the usual areas most authors implement: Duel arenas, a bar, bedrooms. Just about every single one of those had clan references on them. A rather displeasing factor =_=.

So then, Averus left Mr. Jedi temple, and approached Mr. Sith temple. First noted thing about it was that there was a converted model-turned-prefab duplicated thrice to decorate the temple. Interesting addition, albeit I would have tried to make the statues different in their posture, or at least change the saber to the alternate hand for symmetrical purposes. That is merely me, however. Proceeding through, this temple was filled with offices, a hidden detachment of offices, a bar, torture equipment, and no bedrooms, strangely enough. What motive was behind that is beyond me =_o but whatever. Ah yes, there was also a duel arena.

Well, just for brevity, I'll just list out what "bugs" I have found.

- There was a missing texture on the Jedi temple fountain's bottom. Not that terribly noticeable, but it's still there in plain sight.

- In between the two temples, that large mountainous rock did not seem properly lit, and it clashed with the exteriors.

- In the Sith temple, if you intended to put anyone behind the bar, beware, as it's virtually impossible to get out by conventional player means.

Other than that, I would recommend losing the clan references and maybe adding some bedding for your sith brethren. I suggest removing clan references for two reasons: One, it makes the map a lot more appealing to a broader audience, even if it is a clan map, and two, not every member of your clan will remain forever, and what will you do with empty offices with permanent markings on them? I'd find that rather irritating to have to patch textures..

WELL =_= Regardless, this map, errors and tags aside, is highly recommended for mild RP and good hang out areas. BANDWIDTH IS HIGHLY DEMANDED OF THEE, LEST I FEED YOUR EYES TO THE LOCAL CHILDREN.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'swe2_temples.zip' (15.45MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Swe2_temples
AUTHOR: mynok's mother and Greedo
E-MAIL:[email protected]

FILENAME: Swe2_temples.zip
DATE RELEASED: 23. January 2008

New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
New Models: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Secrets: Yes 

CREDITS: Thanks goto aaron smith for his quinlon vas model and thanks to John Tinning for his Lord Skulldron Skin,
we get as base for the Skully-Model, that we made of.
Also to Luba for his Anubis model we transformed.
And thanks to sWe2-Padme and sWe2-Thunder for testing the Map.
SPECAIL CREDITS: to Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori for this free soundtrack of Halo
And surely to George Lucas and Raven Software

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract the swe2.pk3 of Swe2_temples.zip-file to Gamedata/Base.

DESCRIPTION: We Build this FFA-Map for the German Starwars Elite 2 Clan (http://swe2clan.siteboard.de/portal.htm).
It contains two temples, one for the Sith and one for the Jedis. In an outtdoor world, they can do their fights
on a special place. This map is great for Clans or other free-gamers too.

COMMENTS: to start the map type : /map swe2  or /ammap 0 swe2 (in Japlus-mod)


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