Swoop Fun



Not that I mean to repeat myself but do NOT include custom vehicles in your map.pk3 files! This map has the sithspeeder and dun included which means if you get a max_vehicles error, this map is a part of that problem. If you must use new vehicles, they belong in a separate pk3 which is clearly labelled so newbies (aka those who know little about how JA works) can easily remove these files. Especially in this case where the 2 included vehicles are available for download so should remain in their own PK3 form.

The new fun that JK3 brought was of course extensive and easy use of vehicles...what this also brought was mappers thinking it's totally fine to skip the light phase of compile due to technical difficulties that appear with larger maps! So this is (another) non-lit large map.

The texturing is well done, it is of course repetative but repetative in a logical way - tiles on walls/floors etc. The walls around the top however tile too much and could do with some variety or at least decals to roughen them up.

FPS is reasonable considering it's an open map, so there should be no problems there - vehicles do slow down FPS more than they ever really should BTW, not a fault of the mappers but a warning to anyone who places many NPC's in a map.

New Sounds: No New Textures: No Bot Support: Yes





A Star Wars Jedi Kinght: Jedi Academy MP Level by: 

Gigon - Eric Lessard -

E-Mail : [email protected] 
Installation instructions:

Put the swoopfun.pk3 in your Base folder

- gametype: FFA, Team, CTF, Duel, Power Duel
- Racetrack theme map
- 16 respawnable swoop
- 10 respawnable turret
- bot support

- sithspeeder_mst by Monsoontide, Duncan_10158
- speeder_bike_dun03 by Duncan_10158


Bots may act stupid, get stuck or not use swoop/turret.
Also they are not good at CTF and Team FFA: Please, do
not complain about that. This map is made to be played 
by human.
Beta-testers: Kawazxr9,Neo_knight, Gigon.

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions 

Download at your own risk. You cannot hold me responsible 
for any damage this causes to your computer.

Copyright (c) 2003 Eric lessard
All rights reserved.

This level may be electronically distributed only at 
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST 
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN 

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