Sword of Prometheus

This is one cool-looking sword, I must say. Whilst if it was a real sword, practically it may have been a bit obtrusive to handle, unless yo...


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This is one cool-looking sword, I must say. Whilst if it was a real sword, practically it may have been a bit obtrusive to handle, unless you were super-strong, as it is, in a game you don't have to worry about things like that. It looks great! The shader work on the blade and handle are very effective, and I especially took a liking to the handle. It looks so smooth and shiny! It's a fairly small mod mind, so there isn't much to go wrong, but I will pick out a few small things which could have been improved upon. ;)

Whilst new sounds were included in the pk3, and they do sound good as weapon sounds (You may remember them from the ac weapons mod) they don't really work for this sword. In the original mod, they were for a long thin kata-type sword. This sword is big and hefty - the sounds don't quite fit, they need to be lower-pitched at least. :(

The other teensy thing was, I suppose, more realism, but gives the player a handicap when playing against players who have a saber. It won't let you throw the sword. I can appreciate to spin a sword this big must require more effort yes...but at least it could have been throw-able, but didn't come back to the hand, like it always ends up on the floor. Still, I'm not sure if that's actually possible, but it would have been nice. The gold edges are also perhaps a little too shiny, but when you're in game you honestly won't notice or care. ;)

~Szico VII~

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Download 'sword_of_prometheus.zip' (1.75MB)

Sword of Prometheus
by: hatrus


Contents: sword_of_prometheus.pk3, Readme.txt

Description: The Sword of Prometheus is truely a sight to behold ingame. From its reflective blade and gold highlights, down to the Egyptian God Anubis' head at the base of the hilt. The sword used was found on the net. So many stores sell it theres too many to count. It was redesigned to fit my clients specifications. Several static models were made to be implemented in to his map. You will have to contact him if you want to use them, his MSN address is below.

Notes: The Sword of Prometheus was specifically requested by AngelMapper to be made for his map submition to Darth G's mapping contest (http://www.darthg.com/modules.php?name=Forums).

Origionally the deal was to give Angel the sword after payment, but he requested for it now, with the agreement to let me pubically release it. You can find AngelMapper at his regular server 'Virtual Clan Server' IP: , You can also find me (Hatrus), on my lugormod server, 'Hatrus' Lugormod' IP: , where we host the most technelogical advancements in the Lugor Community, and alot of my weapon releases too.   

Comments: As you can see from the screenshots this is one nice looking sword. This way out does my 'Sauron's Mace & WitchKing Sword' I made a long time ago.


Installation: Put the .pk3 file in your base folder. 

Uninstallation: Take the .pk3s file out of your base folder.



Model: Hatrus
Skin: Hatrus & Google Image Search
Build Time: 2 days
Buit For: AngelMapper and his map
Author: Hatrus (themadrapper@hotmail.com) E-mail
Client: AngelMapper (lord_angel666@hotmail.com) MSN Messenger
Sounds: OriON & his FFAC weapons mod

Special Thanks to: 
AngelMapper for having such a cool sword made.


Due to the nature of the file, you will have to contact AngelMapper to recieve permission to use this weapon in any map or mod. MY permission is not necessary as I always submit 100% open source. You can find AngelMapper's email above in the credits section.

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