Original review:I often wonder why people insist on sending us skinpacks and not including screenshots. They wonder why we get so beh...


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I often wonder why people insist on sending us skinpacks and not including screenshots. They wonder why we get so behind...

This pack has six main skins, with some variations on a couple of them. A couple, in my opinion, make over-the-top use of shaders. As most of you know by now, I'm a supporter of actual art within skins and models, and I really hate it when someone makes a crappy skin and then puts a weird shader over it to make it look "cool", because in essence the engine is doing all their work for them. This is completely true of one of the skins, which is a cultist painted black, paintbucket style. Then on top of it it has a lava-like shader (IE the mesh fluxuates in and out, like waves). It's a cool look, but all it's doing is covering up a really awful skin.

The other skins seem to be mostly recolorations of default skins, or copy-pastes of one skin onto another (one of the reborn skins makes use of a recolored shadowtrooper torso texture. Another skin, the "metal" shadowtrooper, really just looks like a contrast change with perhaps a little color addition, though I doubt it. One problem with that skin is that the legs are far too bright in comparison with the body. The Tavion skin looks pretty good, though I noticed she's mysteriously missing her cleavage, which should be showing just a little bit.

The sounds were also a bit weird. The author didn't change all the sounds, so some of the skins have random Jaden sounds intermixed with the strange sounds belonging to the skins. Why a reborn would roar like a rancor is beyond me anyway. Overall I find this pack incredibly random, making it hard to appreciate. I prefer to see some kind of flow to a skin, and most of these just look like the author said "okay, I'll make this part grey, and this part green, and this part orange, and ooh let's give him funky colored skin!"

This is basically the same as the first, maybe a few touch-ups, shaders that don't work, and new skin with a funky shader.

The sounds are different (maybe better), but only some of the skins have new sounds. One skin has weird music, another has what sounds like a teenager with a bad soundcard/microphone/software/volume up too loud.

One new skin is is pretty much random black and blue lines with a shader that deforms it. The other is a green Rosh. The "rocks" skin does not work (for me at least), and only three of the skins show in the selection menu.

This is just another skin with some parts done well, others done horribly.

Bot Support: No NPC Support: One ("akras") Team Support: Author says yes, I say no :p New Sounds: Yes


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Download 'ranius_skins_v31.2.zip' (4.3MB)

Title:		Ranius's skins

mod version:	version 3.2

Author:		Ranius ~ currently {NJO}Ranius

E-mail:		[email protected]


	to install the mod, copy the pk3 to 
the "game data/base" directory of the game. uninstall is vice versa by removing it.


	This skinpack contains:

	-3 reborns		~newly shadered, one (akras) has npc support
	-1 shadowtrooper	~covered in metal
	-2 cultist		~one pathetically skinned, new sounds, creepy shader ;) , and seckond an unsuccesfull shader atempt with watery textures...more or less
	-3 Tavion		~three different skins. possibly with bugs due to a lack of time to test the mod.

Bot Support:	no
npc support:	not but one skin: the akras(massacre) npc
team support:	partially due to a bug, but not intended


	This skinpack is a little something i decided to create
as a late birth's day present for the others in the Jedi Academy comunity.
there are no known bugs as of yet, but there might be some with the kiira, kiira_2 and kiira_3 skins. whos shaders by the way i just can't get to work.

*this skinpack is not finished and cleared of bugs but it has been siting here for just too long.
also, the shaders on the skins have somewhat dissapered, but i think it will be allright for other users since i am having some problems with my ja+

for any new bugs, critics or comments contact me at my email.


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