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Boy it's been a long day! But long days can have their rewards, and your reward for being so patient is the long-awaited Venom (or \...


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Boy it's been a long day! But long days can have their rewards, and your reward for being so patient is the long-awaited Venom (or "Symbiote" as they decided to call it) pack. I'm sure we all know the idea behind the symbiote, even if only from the Spider-Man 3 commercials: the symbiote is a bad blob from space that bonds to folks and makes them completely nuts. And, naturally, snazzy-looking.

Let's get into the nitty gritty. This pack contains the following characters:

  • Spider-Man 3 Venom
  • Mac Gargan Venom
  • Comic Venom (Comic Venom model)
  • Comic Venom (Spider-Man 3 Model)
  • Toxin
  • Poison
  • Carnage
  • Spider Carnage

I'm not going to pretend I have the faintest clue which one is which -- well, I do for a few of them -- but it's not really important which one's which as far as I'm concerned. I got a chance to test these out while I was futzing around while my cable was out for the last three hours, so I got a quick lesson in Spider-Man 101: The Many Villains of Spider-Man.

After a cursory review of the models, I had very little to complain about. The textures all seem very well done, and each skin looks quite different despite there being only two actual models here (comic Venom model by Eclypse and Spider-Man 3 Venom model by Almighty Gir). The rigging here still leaves a lot to be desired, and a few more days of extensive tweaking and fixing would have gone a long way toward removing some of the bulging in the deformation, tearing at seams, and in some areas vertices weighted to the wrong bones. Minor beta testing should have revealed these problems, after which they should have been fixed. I'm unsure why they still exist in this release and they personally drag the quality of the pack way down for me... being as how I don't like being able to see through my model's legs...

Overall with some major weighting fixing it'll be a great usable pack. Don't taunt and you might not notice the improper weighting in the hand areas, and don't look too close at your legs... take this simple advice and you'll get the most out of these models and skins. They're still worth having, although I certainly do hope the weighting gets fixed, ASAP.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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TITLE: Symbiote Pack
Author: Gir_teh_Almighteh, Eclypse
E-Mail: [email protected]

FILENAME: Venom.pk3
Filesize: 16,550 KB

Model Creation
SM3 Venom model: Gir_teh_Almighteh
Comic Venom model: Eclypse

Spider-Man 3 Venom, Toxin, Poison, Mac Gargan Venom: Lightsource
Comic Venom (SM3 model), Carnage and Spidercarnage: Yodaman123
Comic Venom (Comic Venom model): SESSH, Eclypse

Melee Saber: stellcat

club saber, wallpaper: Lightsource

Sounds: Lightsource, Yodaman123

Rigging/Weighing: Eclypse

MP/NPC/Bot support: Eclypse, Lightsource, Yodaman123, SESSH

Big Venom icons: Crossbolt

Directions: Place this in your Jedi Academy Gamedata/base/ folder. That should do it.

Known bugs: the webs don't work perfectly. It just seems to be an animation issue. I wanted to fix it before release, but then realized it wasn't worth pushing back release to fix it. It does work with the dual saber protect animation, but other than that, it doesn't work as I intended. :(

There are so many versions and interpretations of Venom out there that we wanted to make sure that this one would be the be all end all. Let's hope we're right!

Special Thanks: 
Gir: For trusting a noob with his work. I guess he thinks I know what I'm doing. :) It was cool to finally get to work with him and get his work in game. Looking forward to more projects (like Sephiroth's Remnants), if he's so inclined  :)

Lightsource: For making this project extraordinary and keeping me in check. I'd drag my feet for months and he just knew how to keep me focused. Oh, and he makes amazing skins too! Without that...this project would succumb to my substandard skinning skills. 

Yodaman123: For being cool enough to take on the task of skinning this project and putting up with my lousy UV Maps. Thanks for sticking with me even though I had no idea what I was doing.

SESSH: This guy started it all. He asked me to take on this project, and I took it on. Regretably, i was not as passionate about it as I should have been, so a big apology to him for that. Thanks for your help on this and your patience with me as well!

stellcat: busy as heck, but manages to get a melee saber together for the big guy! Thanks a heap for all that!

SESSH would like to give a big thanks to everyone who helped make this request of his come true!

Thanks to everyone else who stuck with it. Enjoy the model!

P.S. - If anyone wants to reskin the Comic Venom Model, feel free, but please ask first. I'll give you permission, just please be sure to ask first. Thanks!


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