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Maybe I shouldn't be doing a review of this mod since I did have a part in it, but I just won't comment on the voice acting. :) I have to sa...


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Maybe I shouldn't be doing a review of this mod since I did have a part in it, but I just won't comment on the voice acting. :) I have to say, I was quite impressed with the production of this SP level. It was done really well ... not just the mapping, but the animations and the sequencing and stuff. This is not one of those levels where you just fight a bunch of spawned NPC's. This was quite well thought out. In fact, the whole level is mostly puzzles. I'm horrible at these things. So I did use the walkthrough that was provided (it'll probably be posted by the author later in the comments) and even then I had a bit of trouble with the second puzzle.

If you enjoy a good continuing story, a pretty map, challenging puzzles and great production, download this now. I've heard nothing but great things about this mod. And I actually played through the whole level and was quite satisfied with the end. :) Great work guys!


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Download '' (24.95MB)

(c) 2004 Lasse Vääriskoski

// A single player level for Jedi Academy \

Title			: Syndicate: Initiation
Author			: lassev (Lasse Vääriskoski)
E-Mail			:

File Name		:
Version			: 1.0
File Size		: 25 MB
Type			: Single Player
Construction time	: Months
Design Computer		: Athlon 1000MHz, 512Mb, GeForce4200
Date Released		: 16.8.2004
Difficulty Settings 	: YES (easy, normal)

Brushes	/ Entities:
  puzzler		: 9000 / 900
New Music		: YES
Scripting		: YES
New Skins		: YES (modification, third party)
New Models		: YES (modification, third party)
Custom Textures		: YES
Custom Shaders		: YES

Very Special thanks

GothiX for his priceless help in mapping, shader editing, compiling, and his ideas and never-ending support in everything.

Special thanks

Amidala from Chop Shop for her excellent jedi_hf_expansion skin pack.
Eldritch for the superb menu screen and his help in mapping and shader editing.
Business Eskimo for capturing the Serpent logo in video format.
Torchy for roff creation.
Mercenary for Yavin planet 3D modelling, help, and beta testing.
Richard 'frances_farmer' White for voice acting Jedi Garrett (player character).
AmosMagee for voice acting Syndicate Lady.
Shadriss for voice acting Saboteur, and his kind support and cooperation in modding, and beta testing.
Wedge for voice acting Cultist 1, and his help in mapping and shader editing.
Simon 'Kengo' Williams for voice acting Cultist 2, and his continuous support and encouragement, and never-ending advertising, and beta testing.
Leslie Judge for always answering every possible question, and beta testing.
Raven for this excellent game that continued my interest in FPS.
Brian of Massassi for the SP level contest that encouraged me to map this level.
George Lucas for the Star Wars universe.
John Williams for the original Star Wars music.
Map-Review, the best JO/JA map review site ever.
And last but not least all those people on Map-Review forums, Massassi forums, or Lucasforums who have willingly or unwittingly helped me one way or another.


The events of the Syndicate:Initiation take place during the attacks of the Cult of Ragnos against the Jedi Academy. When Luke was sending the few Jedi available to guard places of residual Force activity, one of those sent found more than he bargained for...


This level contains custom material from both me and third parties. Please do not separate any component of the packet to send it to anyone in any purposes. Please do not use the custom material of Syndicate: Initiation in your own maps without first acquiring a special and personal permission from me. The third party components included in this packet (mentioned above and below) have been included with a special and personal permission from the original authors. This permission does not allow you to use the third party components in your own maps without consulting first the original authors.

This level was originally meant to be a puzzle technique showcase map, but in time it turned out to be much more. This first level was my entry into the SP level contest.

Have fun time playing the level!

- lassev


Original content:
- The map file: puzzler
- Accessory material (sounds, textures, shaders, models, effects, scripts, menu material, ext_data material etc).
- The Plasma model is a modified Raven remote droid model.
- The Syndicate Saboteur is a modified Raven human_merc skin.
- A batch file to launch the Syndicate:Initiation as a fully working SP mod.
- This readme.

Third party components:
- Parts of the jedi_hf_expansion by Amidala from Chop Shop. All rights reserved by the original author.
- Modified Yavin IV planetary textures by Topa ( All rights reserved by the original author.
- Modified Yavin IV planetary sphere model by Mercenary.
- Voice acting lines (as mentioned above) by frances_farmer, AmosMagee, Shadriss, Wedge, and Kengo.
- Menu background image by Eldritch.
- Menu music by John Williams, modification.
- Logo music by John Williams, modification.

All necessary files should be included. If you downloaded a packet missing some of the files mentioned above, be aware that you have acquired an unlawful copy of the level.


Forced mod way (due to a bug in SP JA). Unzip packet straight into your Gamedata folder. The unzipping will create a subfolder called 'Syndicate1' containing all the necessary files. You will also find in your Gamedata folder a new batch file called 'Syndicate1.bat'. Use the batch file (from the Gamedata folder or create an additional desktop short-cut link to it) to launch the game and the Syndicate:Iniation mod. You can also attempt to use the mod by launching the SP game normally, and selecting and loading setup/mods/syndicate1 by using menus, but some features of the map will not work. Thus, the batch file is highly recommended.

Do NOT directly copy the syndicate1.pk3 into your base folder. It has a high potential to cause serious instability to your other SP/MP game play experience, and the mod itself might not be functional.

Other existing custom .pk3s in your base folder may interfere with this level. Should you encounter problems, try temporarily removing any non-Raven .pk3s from your base folder before launching the Syndicate:Initiation mod.

This level supports English only. Please set your game to English language to ensure correct behavior (launch the level normally using the .bat, go to SETUP/OPTIONS and change the language to English).


This level contains little fighting and many puzzles of varying difficulty. If you do not like hard puzzles but prefer blood and hard action, this level may be ill suited for you. Don't blame me, you were warned!

It is adviced not to attempt to use the 'NOCLIP' cheat option with this level. It may lead to serious instability, as the level design is such that the plot will only proceed, when several spots are passed along the way. This is only possible by following and honouring the architecture. The circumvention of such steps by 'NOCLIP' will cause some events not to happen, which may later cause freezing of the game or other undesirable effects. If this happens, press your hot key for quickload or use the console to quit and try again.


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