Well, well. Another map. This one is a first map, but don't let that scare you. I find certain things about this map attractive.

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Well, well. Another map. This one is a first map, but don't let that scare you. I find certain things about this map attractive.

This author is definitely new to mapping. There are a lot of things I can spot that attest to this, but I'll go into those later.

Positives first. This map is huge. I think it's almost as big as JediCouncilGCX or SithCouncil V3. Like I said...it's big. There are many different areas to explore. There are many notable ones - the pool, the bedrooms, the council room, and my favorite, the big open hallway with the glass and the trees.

Architecturally, this map is pretty stable. The FPS was actually pretty good on most of the map, which surprised me, since most first maps seem to have terrible FPS. I also found the choice of music fitting, even thought it's base JA music. The author has even made a good attempt at using entities very generously and actually has more interactivity here than most people do on their first project. Good job there. One thing that impressed me the most was the swimming pool. Apparently, the author noticed that pools are hard to get out of, so they made stairs on all four corners. You can climb out with ease. I don't see that in a lot of maps, so that was a nice change.

Now, for improvements. I'm glad to hear that the author plans a V2, because this map can be so much more. First, I found a few bugs. One of the elevators has a trigger with no wait time, so when you try to make it move, half the time it will go nowhere. That could definitely use fixing. I'd also like to mention something about the doors found throughout the map - instead of making the two halves open separately, you should make use of the "team" key and force them to move in unison.

FPS was a slight issue in a few areas, but rest assured, it's fixable. First off, make sure you're using a lot of caulking on the outside of the map. Secondly, instead of using teleporters on your doors, you can learn areaportaling and hinting. That way, the doors that teleport you can actually open into their respective rooms without any FPS drop.

Not a bad start at all. I like the looks of it, and I would definitely love to see a V2 of this. Keep going, you're showing some promise!

New textures: Yes New sounds: No New music: No New models: No New scripts: No


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Download 'tc_timon.zip' (24.64MB)


Title 	: ''T.I.M.O.N. Temple In Middle Of Nowhere''
Author 	: Luk
E-Mail 	: [email protected]
Website : http://knights-of-the-old-republic.webs.com/
File Version	: Version 1.01
File Name	: TC_Timon.zip
File Size 	: 25mb
Date of Release : 20.12.08.
Special Thanks to:

	Darc for FA and Ideas
	Anakin for support
	MB forum (http://www.moviebattles.com/forums/) 
	Plasma and =Tom= for textures
	>>Thanks for those who made JK3 :) 
	Also programs which I used : 

	Also Beta testers: Darc & Anakin
About map:

New Textures: Yes
Bot Support : NO
New Music : No
Game Types : MB; FFA

This map...
A temple which can travel in time and space was made as a symbol of the Jedi.
Map isn't so big as it was in version 0.1. Since it laged so
much in version 0.1 - i made teleportation effects and made 
caulk around brushes. Now, I haven't seen any lag so far.
If you will play map with ''OJP MOD'' you probably wont see weapons in med bay's secret place.

MAP WORKS with :MBII ( see - http://www.moviebattles.com ) 
About secrets in map: yes, there are some, first is in ''Med bay'' , also to open council doors ,
you need to press secret key. Also doors which are in garden... doors leads to small place - like a duel arena :)
In library , up - there you can find text , I made it in my language (Latvian) - English version can be found at website.
Map was made in 5 months - also note that this is my first map.
In place where you can spawn in game two droids - it might crash map. Not sure, but it  might. < It did not for me.
>>>About objective <<<: Aliens need to destroy generator (for MBII mod)
Again big thanks to Plasma and =Tom= for textures. / Also thanks for Ideas from MB forum.

I dont know any bug, there might be some teleportation bugs - but remember
dont jump in doors all in same time. One by one. ^^
There might be sky problems as Darc has, if so, place zzz_SkyFix.pk3 where TC_Timon.pk3 is.

Note: Matrials which are in TC_Timon.zip may NOT be used without permission from Authors.
	Map may NOT be decompiled or any other way edited. < not even single wall or texture.

TC_Timon.zip contains  :

	***readme.txt ; 
	***TC_Timon.pk3 , 
	***also screenshots
	Place TC_Timon.pk3 in MB folder if you have MB edition, IN OJP if Open Jedi Project,
	if other - then in base.
	zzz_SkyFix.pk3 < extract this file where TC_timon.pk3 is located ONLY if you have Sky problems.
>>>>>>>I dont take responsibility if this map will crash your Pc, however, I dont think this small map will. 

Copyright / Permissions


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